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The AbleChair Lets The Disabled Stand Again

The conventional wheelchair has remained a very useful tool in helping millions to move around. However, they tend to limit the user in one position. Say hello to the new face of wheelchairs, AbleChair! AbleChair has been designed while keeping in mind to provide new possibilities to the users. The users of AbleChair will be able to switch between different positions by making use of a companion smartphone application.

The AbleChair is similar to a joystick-controlled motorized wheelchair. It functions like a forklift by allowing users to remain seated on it as normal or hoisted into the air via the lift adjustment mechanism. It works by utilizing an array of brushless motors, sensors, and Arduino controllers. This enables the user to remain in a seated position that is about as low as ground level or can opt for raising the seat up and drop away thus enabling themselves to stretch their legs while being in a standing position and make use of armrests and an optional harness for providing the needed support.

That is not all that AbleChair is capable of doing though. Users can also adjust the seat’s angle between different degrees. The range includes being in a completely horizontal position and a gentle recline. This feature of the wheelchair is also controllable using the companion app that allows the users to even save the seating settings as presets for later use. The benefit of AbleChair is that users now have a powered wheelchair that allows them to change their positions throughout the day, thus helping them to avoid adverse health effects.

The users will be able to use it for a myriad of purposes. They can raise themselves for the sake of grabbing something from an overhead cupboard or could maintain a conversation at eye level or even lower themselves to the floor if they are interacting with a toddler. Health benefits include avoiding ulcers, being able to stretch muscles, enhancing bone density, improved blood circulation, and improved posture.

AbleChair is also a great tool for use in gait therapy. The users can use it for tilting back thus enabling themselves to put up their feet up if needed. It can move at a speed of 4 mph and is able to traverse a distance of 24-32 kilometers on each charge of its twin batteries – 12 volts each. As of now, AbleChair is raising funds on Kickstarter and has almost reached its goal of $20,000. A pledge of $7,995 will get you the amazing wheelchair when and if shipping begins in October.