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This Concept Design for iPhone 6 Looks Awesome


We all know how secretive Apple is when it comes to new designs and concepts. It is really hard to say anything about what they might be coming up with or how would they make use of the recently acquired patent. However, a UK publication company; T3 has come up with a pretty neat concept video of what the iphone 6 might look like. However, the video is subject to ‘If’ Apple designs it according to their submission of new patent for the ‘wrap around-style display’.

The document which was filed by Apple last month says that the future smart phones would incorporate a display which will either be curved or sloped and will be wrapped around the body of the smart phone. Although as of now, Apple designers probably are aware only of the design and appearance of the next iphone and T3 has also tried its best not to blow things out of proportion and have therefore, kept things simple and without exaggeration.

T3 suggests in its video that Apple would probably make use of 1615×1800 pixels resolution if it plans to use a wraparound display. As expected the secondary camera at the front would have a quality of 2MP camera and will be used to capture Facetime HD videos during chat sessions. The Phone will also have NFC support and the new Lighting connector.

There are going to be two screens now and T3 believes that iOS will be able to offer actual multi-tasking now. In the video that T3 has released, iphone 6 can be seen running a video on one screen while operating an email application on the other screen. There’s a possibility that for gamers the controls might be located on the other screen but we don’t think this would happen since it would be very uncomfortable for the gamers.

Although there are many other conceptual designs of iphone 6 out there but we would say that the T3 design seems to be closest to reality. Guess we’ll find out who was the closest once Apple unveils the iphone 6. Check out the video:

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