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This Solar Powered Water Bottle Keeps Reminding You To Stay Hydrated

What you are looking at is called Hydrade and is currently raising funds on Kickstarter. It has been created by Seattle-based Bazaarian. We have been watching the marketplace get bombarded with various hydration systems. However, the Hydrade smart bottle is not your average hydration system, and that is why it has already surpassed its $50,000 goal on Kickstarter by more than $37,000.

Hydrade smart bottle is a stainless, double-walled, solar-powered, and a 100% recycled plastic bottle. It can house 700 ml of water and can connect to your Apple Watch, smartphone, and even your FitBit via Bluetooth. It tallies your drinking and reminds you to remain hydrated.

Bazaarian further claims that the bottle will be able to keep your drink ice-cold for a total of 22 hours and can keep your drink hot for about 13 hours. The Hydrade smart bottle stands out from the competition because it is solar powered, can ascertain when you are drinking water and when you are simply pouring it out, and every ounce of water that you drink automatically donates the same amount of clean and safe drinking water to those who reside in developing countries and face water shortage.

Thanks to the solar power system of the Hydrade, you don’t have to worry about a power outlet for charging it. Furthermore, this makes it super-portable; you can even take it with you into the water. In order to fully charge the battery, the bottle has to remain in the sun for about 20 hours. However, a full charge can last you for 20 days of use. The monitoring system that has been incorporated into the Hydrade is also unique. Not only does it track your water consumption but can also make use of its Behavioral Measuring Tech to make sure if you are actually drinking water or pouring the water out.

The most compelling aspect of Hydrade is the fact that it is developed in collaboration with Charity: water. Every ounce of water that you drink using Hydrade, an ounce of water will be donated to people who need safe drinking water in 27 countries all over the world.

If all goes according to plan, shipping is slated for November this year. What do you think of this amazing gadget? Do let us know!