This Concept Paper Battery Could Let You Buy Extra Battery Time At Your Local Store


Check out this amazing concept by Tsung Chih-Hsien that has won the Red Dot Design Award. It is a small cardboard capsule capable of charging your smartphone. The device has been named ‘Mini Power’ and you simply need to select how much battery time you need; 2,4 or 6 hours, and then plug the capsule in. Once it has served the purpose, recycle it.Conceptual Gadget, Mini Power by Tshung Chih-Hsien

The biodegradable design, as envisioned by the creator, will soon be purchasable from convenience stores. The design aims at being environment-friendly while also saving time? when it comes to packaging. Each Mini Power battery could, theroretically speaking, be broken off from a perforated sheet and shall thus allow users for bulk purchases.Conceptual Gadget, Mini Power by Tshung Chih-Hsien3

The idea of disposable batteries isn’t new. The same concept has quite a target audience in Asia where in Japan disposable batteries are sold in huge numbers. However, those batteries are not environment-friendly owing to the lithium inside and the plastic casing that they are sold in.Conceptual Gadget, Mini Power by Tshung Chih-Hsien2

Although the Mini Power will have a small battery inside of it as well, the Tsung speculates that it will be recycled when the user visits to purchase new Mini Power from store; drop the used one and purchase the new one. Although disposable batteries won’t be as efficient as the external and rechargeable battery packs, but coming up with a good design such as the one by Tsung sure does highlight the pluses that disposable batteries have to offer.

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