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Puget By Amazon Will Come With Fitness Tracking

Puget By Amazon Will Come With Fitness Tracking

We are still not sure whether the earbuds by Amazon, Puget, will be unveiled at the September event of the company. However, we do know that the soon to be announced, Alexa-powered wireless earbuds, can also be used as a fitness tracker.

It has been reported by CNBC that Puget will house a built-in accelerometer that is capable of tracking your run, calculating the number of calories that you have burned, and even your pace. Amazon is basically working hard in order to compete with Apple’s Airpods. However, we believe that with this particular feature; Amazon might have one-upped Apple.

As of right now, we are unclear about when we will be able to get our first look at Puget. However, Amazon is scheduled to unveil a number of its latest devices at its next big event that will be taking place on September 25th. The company, keeping up with its traditions, has remained silent about what it has in its stores for the customers.

However, if we use the last year’s event as a guide, we can safely assume that there are plenty of surprises in the store for us. There are also rumors about a collaboration between Amazon and a company that is working on improving the sound quality for the Echo. We will have to wait for the event to take place before we find out whether this is actually happening.

Fitness tracking capabilities, coupled with a reduced price, might give the Puget the much-needed edge against the Apple Airpods. As of right now, AirPods are the best-selling wireless earphones in the world. In fact, they make up 60% of the global market. However, we are sure that with Amazon’s Puget; Android users will be able to find more affordable options that will prove to be equally amazing.

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