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These Strange Looking Boots Can Make You Run Faster Than Any Human On Earth

Bionic Boots – Run Faster with These Boots4

 What if you were able to reach the speed that Usain Bolt runs with? Is that really possible without extensive training and an athletic body? As it turns out, it is quite possible thanks to ‘Bionic Boots’ that have been created by an inventor, Keahi Seymour. The gadget has springs incorporated into the boots that are ultra light and have been inspired by the Achilles tendon of ostriches thus providing more force to the user’s movement.

Keahi Seymour has always been fascinated by the ostrich’s speed and agility. Ostriches are the fastest running birds on the planet with a maximum maintainable speed of 45 Mph. Mr. Keahi has spent quite a few years working on this particular gadget and has come up with more than dozen of prototypes in his endeavor.

He says; ‘The Bionic Boots are the transportation of the future. They are meant to make a human run faster, inspired by fast land animals. The boots are comprised of a carbon fiber composite exoskeleton, and also aircraft grade aluminum. So the lightest materials were applied to provide the most efficient form of transportation.’

Seymour demonstrated the latest version of Bionic Boots at the Maker Faire in New York. The results were spectacular; the boots allowed anyone to reach speeds of up to 25 Mph that is akin to the speed of a slow moving car. To give you some perspective Usain Bolt has managed a top speed of 27.44 Mph. Seymour wants to improve this gadget even further and says that he wants to come up with boots that are capable of exceeding speeds of the fastest animals present on Earth.

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