WATCH: Guy Beats Usain Bolt’s 100 Meter Dash Record By 2 Seconds, On A Jetpack

Usain Bolt’s 100-meter record has been beaten but not on the same grounds.

The famous stuntman for his runs with jetpacks, Richard Browning from England just beat the world record set by Usain Bolt in 2009.  Usain after the 100-meter run was declared the fastest man on the planet, where he completed the track in just 9.58 seconds. Browning proves himself faster than Bolt, however, his run was aided by his famous “Iron Man” jet suit.

A statement from Browning after completing the 100-meter run in 7.69 seconds reads, “I have to say, all respect to Usain Bolt because I thought that felt pretty quick.”

Filled with technology, Jetpack suits are great fun, but their utility doesn’t end there. Some recent stories pertaining to the suit saw it aiding military person’s board an en-route ship. Earlier on, Browning set a world record for the fastest speed in a body-controlled jet engine-powered suit where he got to the speeds of about 86 mph.

Browning beat Usain’s 100-meter record while wearing his renowned “Iron Man” jet suit and broke the Guinness World Record for the 100-meter segment. Although the circumstances were a lot different, Usain was blistering fast on his feet and earned worldwide fame for his runs at the Olympics in 2008, and then at the World Championships in 2009. Browning, on the other hand, wore his tech-filled suit and flew over the 100-meter track and covered it in two seconds less span than compared to Bolt.

That is why Usain’s spot remains safe to his name, and Browning, who has already earned some jetpack-related records, just adds another to his name, “fastest 100m in a body controlled jet engine powered suit.”

“I have to say, all respect to Usain Bolt because I thought that felt pretty quick,” Browning can be heard saying in the video following his 100-meter run. “I can only imagine running not that much slower. It’s just amazing.”

The jetpack guy didn’t limit his run to cover the track at the fastest speed, alongside, he also took on some obstacles on the way, the 400-meter sprint, and the pole vault. The guy was seen clearing the hurdles effortlessly, aided by his tech-advanced jetpack.

“We are obviously not doing it as the Olympic disciplines intended, but it is quite a nice demonstration of what you can do with a little bit of technology and the human body in mind,” Browning said after receiving certificates for his three jetpack-specific Guinness World Records.

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