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Cool Tech Gifts To Surprise Your Mom This Mother’s Day

March brings a tide of coffee mugs, photo albums, handbags and jewellery in its wake. This Mother’s Day, give the flowers a break and surprise your mum with a cool tech gift. You can easily find some stylish and trendy gadgets to delight your mum without exceeding your budget.

Check out these gadgets and take your pick:


Image Source: FitBit

FitBit Alta (priced at $170)

For health-conscious mothers, no gift can beat a fitness tracker. FitBit Alta not only keeps track of your activities but can also work as a planner by managing your calendar appointments and texts/calls. The slim design gives it a feminine touch and the interchangeable bands allow the users to personalise their style.
You can get one here


Image Source: Amazon Fire

Amazon Fire TV (priced at $99)

With enhanced parental control and superior WiFi connectivity, Amazon Fire is an Alexa equipped device which enables it to respond to voice commands.
You can get one here

Image Source: Mophie

Mophie Powerstation (priced at $150)

Put your worries to rest by investing in this high-capacity power bank to ensure that you are not held up by a dead smartphone battery when you are trying to reach your mum.
You can get one here

Image Source: Amazon Kindle

Amazon Paperwhite Kindle (priced at $79)

Does your mum insist on a paperback, only because it feels awesome to touch those pages? The Paperwhite Kindle is a brilliant an e-reader, with a screen that feels like paper.
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Image Source: iHome Audio/YouTube

iHome Vanity Mirror (starting from $99)

This tech-imbued vanity mirror comes with Bluetooth and a USB port. iHome can be used to carry out conversations or stream music. The USB port can be utilised for charging the devices.
You can get one here

Image Source: Shadowandy

Logitech Harmony Home Control (priced at $110)

Equipped with RF remote, this device is the ultimate solution to the hunt for remote all over the house. The device can also be used with smart devices, both Android and iOS, acting as a remote control.
You can get one here

Image Source: Cnet

Bose SoundLink Color (priced at $130)

This Bluetooth speaker comes in a compact, easy to carry package and can easily be recharged via a Micro USB cable.
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Image Source: Amazon

Amazon Echo Dot Mini (priced at $90)

Albeit the voice-activated speaker Amazon Echo Dot Mini is currently accessible only to the existing users of Amazon Echo, the cloud-connected speakers will be a big hit with your mum.

Take your pick from these cool gadgets and let the tech wow your mum this Mother’s day.
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