This Company Wants To Turn Streets Into Solar Roadways To Make ‘Smart Highways’

Founded by Julie and Scott Brusaw in 2006, Solar Roadways is a company that aims to revolutionize the way we think about our roads. The company’s goal is to create “solar roads” – roads made of special materials that generate cheap, clean energy when we drive on them.

The concept behind solar roads is simple. The roads are made of a special material that acts as a solar panel. This material is designed to be tough enough to withstand heavy traffic and inclement weather, while still being able to generate electricity from the sun’s rays. When a vehicle drives over the road, the pressure of the tires compresses the material and generates a small amount of electricity. This electricity is then collected and used to power homes and businesses in the surrounding area.

Solar Roadways claims that its panels will create the “first roadway system with a return on investment,” that it will upgrade the nation’s infrastructure with modular, energy-producing, smart panels, and that it will eventually help charge electric vehicles while driving. These lofty objectives rely significantly on the Solar Road Panels and their ability to operate under duress (often literal tons of pressure, in the case of trucks).

One of the key benefits of solar roads is that they can generate electricity even on cloudy days. The material used to create the roads is designed to be highly efficient at capturing and converting light into electricity, even when the sun is not shining directly on it. This makes solar roads a reliable source of clean energy, even in areas with inconsistent weather patterns.

Another benefit of solar roads is that they can reduce the amount of land required for solar power generation. Traditional solar panels require large amounts of land to be effective, but solar roads can be installed on existing roads and highways, freeing up land for other uses.

Solar Roadways is also working on integrating other technologies into the roads, such as LED lighting and electric vehicle charging stations. This would make it possible for roads to act not just as energy generators, but also as communication and transportation hubs.

While the concept of solar roads is still in its early stages, the potential benefits are clear. By turning our roads into solar energy generators, we can reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, reduce carbon emissions, and create a more sustainable future. Solar Roadways is at the forefront of this exciting new technology, and their work has the potential to make a significant impact on our world.

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