This Berlin-Based Startup Aims To Bring You Back From The Dead

Tomorrow Biostasis is concentrating on human cryopreservation in the hopes of one day being able to reverse death.

This cryopreservation firm based in Germany has hundreds of people on its waiting list, and it already has roughly ten cases where bodies have been preserved in a lab.

But the point of concern is what happens after that?

The business’s “standby ambulance” has already been active, according to Tech. Eu, with cofounder Emil Kendziorra trying to build Europe’s first cryogenics company.

Kendziorra’s vision is that when someone dies, Tomorrow, Biostasis responds promptly to keep the person’s body and brain in stasis. The company will then treat and reverse the person’s initial cause of death and bring them back from the dead to enjoy a life extension whenever future advances become available.

According to Kendziorra, the average client is 36 years old and works in technology. Some of these folks want their brains preserved, believing that their future selves would prefer a new 3D-printed body or even nobody.

When the bodies are transported to Rafz, Switzerland, for long-term storage at the European Biostasis Foundation—the process is technically classified as a scientific body donation to be legal—they are cooled to -196 degrees Celsius and placed inside an insulated tank with liquid nitrogen to seal in the preservation.

The cryopreservation idea does not, of course, have only one hurdle to overcome: waiting for medical advancement to reach the point where it can reverse what caused your death. Another concern is that no one knows how to bring a dead cryopreserved individual back to life.

The ability to revive a previously dead brain with normal function and memories isn’t quite a thing in our world as of now. However, they can freeze the brain to preserve cells and tissues.

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