This Company Creates Miniature Sports Cars Models That Cost More Than Real Cars

Amalgam which is a UK-based company, established in 1995, is much renowned and known for crafting highly detailed miniature replicas of iconic and loved sports cars. These replicas accurately mirror their full-scale counterparts in all aspects even all its precise features down to the smallest details.

Through close collaborations with top manufacturers like Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Aston Martin, Amalgam gains access to original CAD data, engineering drawings, and paint codes, which they then use to replicate the cars and they do so with amazing accuracy and precision. In addition to this they also obtain high-resolution photos and digital scans.

Each of these 1:8 scale model undergoes an extensive and strenuous process of replicates that demands between 250 to 450 hours to complete. This in turn obviously gives you eye opening price tags which can go up to $30,000.

Recently, Amalgam unveiled plans to add two Lamborghini models, the Countach LP400 and the Revuelto, to its collection. The Countach LP400, limited to 199 units, replicates every intricate detail of the original, featuring functional elements like scissor doors and pop-up headlights, alongside a faithful rendition of its V12 engine. Priced at $18,700, this masterpiece reflects Amalgam’s commitment to precision. While digital renderings of the Revuelto have been released, its price tag of $16,400 underscores Amalgam’s dedication to capturing the essence of luxury vehicles.

Amalgam’s mini cars aren’t just toys—they’re like tiny works of art made for people who adore luxury cars. They offer custom services where they promise to make a perfect copy of any car, right down to the smallest details like paint color and stitching. These custom models cost more, but they’re worth it for the personal touch.

Their dedication to quality is merely just shown in the prices of their models which might seem very farfetched but are only a reflection of the hours and hours of dedication and effort required in the manufacturing process. For example, the Ferrari 250 GTO costs almost $30,000, while Mercedes Formula 1 replicas are even more expensive at over $40,000 each.

But if you’re looking for something more affordable, they also have smaller replicas in the 1:18 scale, ranging from $1,000 to $2,000. Even if your favorite car brand isn’t on their list, like Rolls Royce, they’ll still make a model for you, though it’ll be pricey at $27,000.

Overall, Amalgam’s mini cars are famous for their precision and artistry, attracting collectors worldwide. They pay close attention to every detail, making their models look just like the real thing. Their dedication to accuracy and quality keeps fans coming back for more.

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