These Mechanics Have Installed Tank Treads On A Cybertruck – And It Looks Absolutely Ridiculous

In automotive modifications, innovation often takes unexpected forms. The latest venture by Sparks Motors, showcased through their YouTube channel, presents a daring adaptation of the Tesla Cybertruck.

Sparks Motors, led by the trio renowned for their show “Diesel Brothers,” unveiled a striking modification of the Cybertruck, featuring four colossal snow tracks reminiscent of tank treads. This audacious transformation elevates the Cybertruck’s off-road capabilities to unprecedented levels, resembling an otherworldly APC destined for snow-covered landscapes.

Despite Tesla’s assertion of the Cybertruck’s durability, it gained notoriety for faltering in snowy terrains. The ingenious intervention by Sparks Motors addresses this flaw, presenting a formidable solution to conquer harsh winter conditions.

The modified Cybertruck, dubbed “CyberTrax,” boasts enhanced ground clearance and a broader profile accentuated by a sizable light bar. The mechanics reinforced the Cybertruck’s suspension system to accommodate the formidable snow tracks with a bespoke support structure, essential for managing its weight.

However, challenges persist, notably with the Cybertruck’s steering system. Reports surfaced of a rear steering rod failure during testing, highlighting potential hurdles in adapting Tesla’s cutting-edge technology to accommodate such substantial modifications. Nonetheless, the collaborative efforts between Sparks Motors and Tesla indicate ongoing refinement to ensure the modified Cybertruck’s performance meets expectations.

While the unveiled footage teases a remarkable transformation, concerns linger regarding its impact on battery life, hinting at potential trade-offs between performance and practicality.

Sparks Motors’ bold modification of the Tesla Cybertruck transcends conventional boundaries, offering a glimpse into the future of off-road exploration with its innovative adaptation tailored for challenging terrains.

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