This ‘Ice City’ In China Is A Frozen Wonderland That Stretches Across 300 Football Fields

The Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival is a huge snow event in China. It features a massive ‘Ice City’ as big as 300 football fields, costing about $500 million to make. Located in Harbin, Northeastern China, the festival gets chilly winds from Siberia, turning the city into a magical winter wonderland with amazing ice sculptures and palaces.

Despite the freezing temperatures, dropping to -35°C, people still come to the festival from December to February. They come to ski, swim, and ride bikes on the ice. Lots of tourists and photographers love to visit.

The festival started back in 1963 and has become one of the world’s biggest snow events. It had some breaks during the Cultural Revolution but started again in 1985. Now, it’s as famous as Japan’s Sapporo Snow Festival and Canada’s Quebec City Winter Carnival.

Every year, the festival’s ice park covers a huge area of 810,000 square meters. It’s carefully crafted from 250,000 cubic meters of ice taken from the frozen Songhua River. A team of 300 ice miners, including construction laborers and farmers, undertakes this task each December, extracting ice blocks and assembling them into towering structures.

The sculptures range from life-sized castles to a fully functional hotpot restaurant, illuminated by vibrant lights after sunset. Visitors can explore five distinct theme parks offering various attractions such as massive snow sculptures, enchanting ice lantern displays, and thrilling activities like ice rock climbing and snowball fights.

The Sun Island International Snow Sculpture Art Expo showcases snow sculptures by artists worldwide, while Harbin Wanda Ice Lantern World and Zhaolin Park Ice Lantern Art Fair offer mesmerizing ice lantern displays. Harbin Ice and Snow World, the liveliest venue, features skating, skiing, ice mazes, and ice biking, with iconic attractions like the Snowflake Ferris Wheel and super slides towering as tall as 1,000 feet.

During the entire festival, visitors who have come for this amazing experience can also immerse themselves in a blend of traditional Chinese architecture and fairy-tale designs, with structures reminiscent of Beijing’s Temple of Heaven. The festival’s popularity continues to soar, attracting tourists seeking winter getaways, family retreats, or romantic honeymoons.

The Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival offers an amazing and breathtaking mix of various events varying from artistry, adventure, and cultural immersion which makes it an absolute must for your travel wish list and deserves a mandatory visit from winter enthusiasts all across the globe.

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