This Car Modification Could Be The Next Trend In Dubai

dubai car modification

Dubai Never Fails to Surprise – Customized Car 3Engineering and science are also playing their part at places where we least expect them. Ever been to a custom shop? They are a fantastic example of where creativity meets science and engineering; one such example is the collection of best custom car dashboards, we recently covered. Today’s article is about a particular custom shop; Kingdom Customs Garage and what Ali has done with a car there.

Dubai Never Fails to Surprise – Customized Car The car for modification is the 2008 Nissan Patrol. The customization took place in Dubai. The car looks perfectly fine from the exterior. However, open the door and sit on the driving seat and you’ll notice some radical changes –  no steering wheel or pedals.

Dubai Never Fails to Surprise – Customized Car 2Apparently, Ali got tired of driving in the front seat while his friends were having fun time in the back so he decided to join the party too! The steering wheel along with the pedals, manual transmission, all those dashboard gauges and even the rearview mirror has been shifted to the back. Only the dashboard and few lights (LED) are left in the front so that the passengers in the front seat don’t get bored.

Dubai Never Fails to Surprise – Customized Car 4Dubai Never Fails to Surprise – Customized Car 5Although one might question after looking at the pictures if it’s real or not, but wait till you watch the video at the end where Ali demonstrates the drive of his customized car. All hail engineering!



  1. kensuj Reply

    How the hell can the driver see a thing in this thing? How does he give way to vehicles on intersections?

  2. Baritone Reply

    A fool with more money than sense… a car is not a lounge room or night club…!!!

  3. Haggsy Reply

    The sooner this thing gets on the road the sooner it will be off of it for good, not to mention the likely chance that persons in the vehicle at the time will be off the road for good as well. F*** just driving, I want to party with my friends and watch the in car movie! Um… just get a driver then.

  4. Sophie Reply

    Morons. No wonder the driving in Dubai is so bad. How is this ever going to be safe? One quick look and you can see all the issues that make this unsuitable for being on the road. If you can’t, then you’re probably related to Ali.

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