Skyscraper Literally Melts A Car In England

skyscraper melts car

Wouldn’t you have hated it if you parked your car next to a gleaming skyscraper only to find hours later that the same skyscraper had melted your car by converging the sunlight? That is what happened to one unfortunate Jaguar Owner, Mr Martin Linsday when he parked his shiny new black Jaguar next to the newly constructed 37 storey skyscraper.


Dubbed as the “Walkie Talkie” due to its unique shape, the skyscraper has a bend in its Facade which makes the whole building act as a converging mirror. The street opposite to the skyscraper now bears the brunt of upto 70 degree celsius of concentrated sunlight.


So when Mr Martin parked his car that morning, he had no idea that such a thing could happen and ruin his car. The story of him finding about the “accident” is also pretty interesting. A photographer who was walking around the area noticed the car in bad shape. He casually went upto a stranger who was standing on the footpath and said ” Have you seen that car? The owner wont be happy”. The stranger remarked, ” Well, I am the owner and thats pretty awful”. The windscreen had a note beneath the wiper which was from the construction company that is constructing the skyscraper. It read ” Your Car’s Buckled, Could you please give us a call?”.

melted jaguar owner

This incident has sparked a new debate on the viability of the skyscraper design as it has started to effect the life of commuters on the street. With temperatures soaring upto 80 degree celsius, this could also cause serious burns to some unsuspecting passer by. Therefore, the construction company is now planning to modify the design of the building.
Nevertheless, the Jaguar of this unlucky owner is ruined and it must have felt awful. Check out some of the pictures of the car and the youtube video below.

Skyscraper melts car

melted jaguar

melted car 2

Melted car




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  1. I wonder what this place with asphalt? which lies constantly. the logic of history, he has to be there as a swamp.

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    1. Just because it is a car does not mean it is metal. Some sports cars have plastic bodywork, like this jaguar here which has melted.

    1. You don’t know a whole lot about cars, do you? I don’t ser any melted metals in any of these pictures, only plastic parts.

    2. Because unless you vehicle is a 1999 or older it’s 90% fiberglass 10% metal. If you know anything about cars newer cars at that you would know that. When your driving a 2008 Chevy Impala you pretty much driving a soda can. Fiberglass bends just as easily as aluminum.

      1. I learned that the hard way. A dog hit my car while I was going only 40 mph and it cracked my front bumper horridly. I knew fiberglass was weak but didn’t know it was that weak. My sister-in-law tried saying my car was only plastic, though.

        1. You mean you hit a dog. I’m sure the dog wasn’t going 40mph. Did you take the dog to a vet or did you kill it? Minor details to you I guess!

  4. I think owner of the Jaguar should be compensated for the damage to his car done by the construction company in full.It melts my heart to know about the tragedy and I can feel that what he must be going through,I am very closely attached to my things that I have and own maybe not a sexy Jaguar but there is a emotional connect that we all or let say a few develop for non living things which define the status of a person.

    1. You are a sad man shayak. Yes he should sue their pants off because they destroyed his property, but it’s so sad that you make that what gives you your status.

    1. Yeah go put ‘ sun tan ‘ on a car… just peel the top few layers of your skin off and glue it on.
      Any how, how is sun cream as in sunprotection cream sun tan cream… never understood why people call it sun tan lotion when it’s meant to protect you lol! Now oils and lotions with no protection that make you fry and go brown like a roast chicken I understand!!

  5. I was recently photographing inside the building and they have put horizontal strips of metal sticking out at the top of each window to baffle the sun light to solve the problem 🙂

  6. Easy fix, just shim the windows so that the direction they reflect light is slightly altered – insuring that the reflection from individual panes never converge.

    1. But don’t let that bloke design it. He’ll leave a hole the size of a womp rat in it leading direct to the core that you’ll only have to chuck a rock into to destr… oh, wait…

  7. Reminds me of a joke from years ago,
    In heaven the British are the Police,
    The French are the Chefs and the Germans are the engineers.
    In hell the Germans are the Police,
    The British the Chefs and the French are the Engineers.

  8. Sod the water and power ideas. Next stop has got to be a death ray with which to keep earth’s minions in line. Not quite death star capabilities but a step in the right direction

  9. Drop a big picture of sun protected see through fiber cloth like an ad posting and get ad’s income out of it. Or expensive way extend iron skeleton structure to make big wall of solar panels to get free energy from Sun. ???? Or other way no iron skeleton, just drop solar curtains, those can generate enough power for skyscraper when it is hot summer.????

  10. For the most part, engineers everywhere learn the same material it doesnt matter where they’re from. And while the architect may have designed it, it is up to the emgineer to well, engineer the building to function. And its not one persons design. Just think about. People seem to place the blame upon one person while It should be spread not knly among the engineer or architect, but everyone involved from whoever cleard the building for construction for not for seeing an issue to whoever hired them especially with previous design flaws in las Vegas

  11. Kay solar energy is extremly ineffective first of all. Second the concentration of energy of the rays reflected by these windows will move as the angle of the sun incident upon them change. Changing the reflective index would need to be done carefully to avoid a different location being focused upon. Maybe if they had thought to use polarized glass on whats essentially a converging mirror they would have avoided this issue

  12. This was over a year ago. They’ve solved the problem by applying a foil to the windows to stop the light reflecting so intensely. It’s hardly a major engineering problem, just a minor oversight easily rectified.

  13. Close the street off and put a man made beach outside. Turn the building into a hotel and there you go… problem solved ladies and gents

  14. This building is actually having a 40kW solar PV system installed on the roof fins. The glass has also been coated to prevent this happening any more.

    1. Again another example of an uneducated moron knowing Nothing about the British and thinking their country is the be all and end all.

  15. Isn’t it about time designers got real and started utilising all this wasted energy. Besides which o level physics tells you if you have a concave shiny surface any thinspg coming into it will be bounced off and focused.Doh!!!

  16. They should put a wild boar on a giant spit on rollers and roast it in the sun’s path all day, then feast all night!

  17. I should say they’ve got their work cut out to overcome that problem, Just wondering if the glass is solar reflective. Surely the solution would lie in the reflective properties of the glass and somehow breaking up the collective reflection

  18. Should of parked it inn a car Park. Showing off ur car parking it inn the middle off the city. Serves you right. Now go get a pedal bike. Lol

  19. make a light power generation cell on top of the building, in a way that blocks the light reflected from the building on the street

  20. Oh, well. He is a posh, he can afford to fix it. Those are cars only designed to show off (and to show that you are unable to drive/hate it, as I never saw a manual transmission Jag). No pity for him.

    1. Jealousy is a dark emotion… I have worked very hard for what I currently have (No need to tell you) – Please refrain from making judgements on people you do not know.

  21. Though the problem now this is a fantastic design. He should patent it . After all we learn from mistakes. Remove the melted jaguar and install a steam turbine there.

  22. It is worth mentioning that a hotel in Las Vegas has several years ago suffered from the same “solar plant effect” rendering certain outside areas unexpectedly hostile to human accommodation.

    What makes this really embarrassing is that this hotel had been designed by the same architect responsible for the London disaster.

    Since he is apparently unwilling or unable to learn from past mistakes, he should really be stripped of his concession before he commits more such multi-million dangerous blunders.

    Even dismissing his ability to learn from past errors: an architect who does not readily recognize the architectural similarity to a solar power plant and figures out that this similarity is due to actually functional elements with the respective physical properties and consequences is a catastrophe waiting to happen.

  23. This seems all cooked up, here in Dubai we have normal summer temperatures of around 45 Celsius, and all those cars standing in the reflection of glass buildings never melt!

    1. But its a surprise that the building even got finished. Have you ever seen how slowly builders in britain work?! Theyve been making the first floor of a newmblock of flats in our town for 3 years!

    2. It’s not the engineer that designed it. The Egnineer’s job is to make it hold weight. An architect somewhere thought this up.

  24. This building also set fire to some of the shop entrances on the opposite side of the road, its on my walk to work and believe it or not, London does have some hot and sunny days!

  25. As the others have said above, the architect either needs to go to university or place a very big solar panel, or both. Don’t change the design, do ither or both.

  26. It was an exceptionally hot summer and this is the only report of this happening. Although the same day it also scorched carpets in offices on the road side.

  27. Time to build a gigantic raised awning above the sidewalk there and place many solar panels on it to collect the reflected sunlight.

  28. Its really an engineering… Thats fact, bcz sun rays reflected by Curtain Wall glasses may produce melting temperature…

  29. wow i really love that….i think they can really make good use of the skycraper…i really love that…i’m so excited about it..

  30. -_- man… I’m certain the architect went to university… I can’t believe he didn’t anticipate the problem his design might pose. Obviously he’s never heard of Archimedes.

  31. My thought was the same as the commenters above. Why not make use of the characteristics of the building and generate heat or power? Of course, I’ve thought the same thing about Centralia, PA; it should be turned into a geothermal power station.

  32. The shape of this building makes it the perfect parabolic mirror capable of producing extremely high intense temperatures in a focused area like a magnifying glass. A screen should cut down on the damage caused by this building.

    1. Finally someone with a good head on his shoulders was gonna suggest screening the windows darker so no doesnt reflect anywhere near as much! Glad i found i wasnt the only one who wasnt just being sarcy to other peoples responses! Even though i kinda just have! Lol

  33. Rather than waste time and money altering the design, why not construct a giant solar panel in the light’s path to power the building?

    1. The only way that would work is if the technology had been designed into the building from the very beginning, not kludged together after the fact. Remember, the sun’s position in the sky changes throughout the day. Duh!

      1. Yes because we couldn’t build a structure in front or even ontop of another building to capture the rays via some kind of panel system.
        For give me if I’m wrong but would a motor system on the bottom if the panels not get around the problem of the sun moving positions throughout the day??????
        With the engineering skills this century and country have, your talking out your backside mate……
        Durrrrrr indeedy

        1. Durrr, the light moves hundreds of yards, dolt. You’d have to construct something enormous on rails to actually be in the spot all day long. The reflector itself would have to move in order to focus on a small area all day long, and in this case that’d be the entire building.

      2. The sun changes positions but, the energy could be stored in a battery to be used when needed. A similar structure should be made in the dessert to harness the solar energy for a power plant.

        1. Which dessert? Apple pie? Brownies? German chocolate cake?
          I cook for a crowd, but even my creations aren’t THAT big.

    2. That will mean you’ll need to plant a huge building to collect the rays and transform it on steam in the middle of the road, so is not very practical (you can’t plant it anywhere, but where the rays converge). Needless to say that even if it is reflecting enough solar rays to cause damage, it is not reflecting enough to generate a large amount of power

    3. I think the real issue is the high temperatures the building is reflecting, which could be dangerous, although the solar panel would be a good idea, I think the real issue is the danger the heat poses to people. 🙂