Some Of The Best Custom Car Dashboards Ever!

Buying a good car is everyone’s dream. For some, it doesn’t just stop there. They also want to customize their cars so that it looks more “personal” and reflects the taste of the person driving it. Usually car enthusiasts start with modifications to the engine such as installing engine upgrades for greater acceleration. Car Hobbyists that are not comfortable with making changes to the engine or people who dont have deep pockets, start with making changes to exterior and the visual appearance of the car.
However, recently a new trend has emerged within car lovers. People are now customizing the dashboards of their cars by adding more gadgets, lcd screens, control buttons and what not. This has been made possible by a plethora of new car gadgets and gizmos that are now available in the markets at affordable prices. Not only do these customizations look super cool if done rightly, they also give more control and functionality to the drivers. Today we have a collection of some of the best custom car dashboards that we came across. Let us know your favourite dashboard modification in the comments below and also share your own dash modifications if you are into this too!






















































  1. aplayapal Reply

    oh…How did TWO GT40’s get identical “custom” dashboards…the brown seat one and the black seat/blue belt pictures are RIGHT NEXT TO EACH OTHER. Rubes….

  2. aplayapal Reply

    HEY KIDS! A stock Subaru XT dashboard is NOT custom, just old. Stop being fooled by this kind of “inter web” foolishness.

  3. ed Reply

    would have loved it if the car/manufacture was listed alongside each pic as i’m sure there are several i recognise from production models!

  4. Vavatch Reply

    By “best”, you actually mean absolutely the worst imaginable?

    If so, yep.

  5. Tony Reply

    Some good oldies, some Terrible 70/80s & some fair RR & B a lot of confusion & a few great ones

  6. Cris Reply

    Almost half the pictures seem to be from the 1980’s, either that or these people went out of their way
    to make cars look that way. There were some really attractive and useful looking dashboards, but many seemed to be ugly on purpose.

  7. Mohamad Omar ALBosaty Reply

    I think what is best about them, is that i cant stop laughing at these funny lookin’ dashboards…..i think they are aliens cars already….LOL

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