Lamborghini Unveils Its Ugliest SuperCar For 4 Million Dollars!

Lamborghini Veneno





Lamborghini marked its 50th anniversary in March of this year by unveiling the lamborghini Veneno. The new car is being touted by Lamborghini as a “Race car and a road going super car” based on its ancestor, the lamborghini Aventador. Keeping everything very angular and sharp has been the focus of the designers when they were designing the exterior. Though most of the car enthusiasts and car reviewers are of the view that the Veneno has been overdone in the design department, the car surely packs some real punch when it comes to performance. Boasting a 12 cylinder 6.5 liter engine thats been coupled with a 7 speed transmission, the car can go from 0-100 km/hr in just 2.8 seconds. The total engine output is a whopping 750 BHP. The car also comes with 5 different driving modes to suit the driver’s style of driving. To get maximum performance, the car is a permanent 4 wheel drive.

Lamborghini has decided to keep the car very exclusive for now. They have made it possible by keeping the price tag of the car at a hefty $4 Million and only 3 of these are being produced. The best part, they have already been purchased by 3 lucky owners. Check out some of the pictures of this new super car at its unveiling ceremony and tell us in comments if you find the car worth it for 4 million dollars!


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  1. Kyle Reply

    Anyone who thinks this car is ugly is blind and has no taste. This car is beautiful.

  2. Darius Reply

    Guys the artcicle is basically about how the car is a better improvement of its ancestor, BUT it is very well over done and much of a cluster f#$%putting some good body work on a car is one thing but this basically makes it just like a shiny turd.

  3. Streekie Reply

    You look at that and you know some gobshite in Dubai is gonna bend it in half round a lamp post ha !

  4. Zach Reply

    This is the coolest car that Lamborghini has put out. Only the Ferruccio concept car can rival this one.

  5. Waleed Akleh Reply

    ugly WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!! one of the best masculine looking car

  6. Evan Crawford Reply

    Those crazy kids over at Lamborghini. What won’t they do for a laugh?

  7. Chijawa Phartz Reply

    Everybody would be calling you Batman or Bat Woman followed by “your cave or mine..?” With a lil math check..(:{)

  8. The Guy Reply

    Who ever that is saying that this car is ugly, they are WRONG. Those people that are with me, say: Lamborghini Veneno RULES!

  9. The 'Guy' Reply

    Who ever that says it sucks, they’re not looking at the right angle. They are probably looking inside the gas tank and seeing how the liquid is. I got this car on my Asphalt 8 just so you know.They are wrong! Whoever that agree’s with me, say: Lamborghini Veneno Rules!

  10. Fox Reply

    My favorite super car was the McLaren F1 until I saw this car. I have always been a fan of exotic design. The Vyron is nice but boring visually. This I could look at for hours still find new details. The aerodynamics of the thing look like they could hold the thing on the ceiling. Not to mention that it is still far more traditional looking than any F1 or Indy car. Any way I love it.

  11. Tofiga Reply

    The problem here is when you get the views from people who aren’t car people that simply have an open on the internet to blog or write stories. while its their opinion, that’s all it is… not much on facts or the functionality of things. most prob have no clue to the carbon fiber advantages, louvers, lower splitter and rear diffuser purposes.

    In layman’s terms this article and some of the responses is akin to asking an overly macho construction worker about what type of perfume to get their girlfriend.

    the majority of the ugly comments I can guarantee you come from those who the only time they removed a tire/wheel is when they had a flat… as opposed to car enthusiasts who can do their own repairs and prob check and maintain their own cars rather than jiffy lube it.

  12. Jim King Reply

    This isn’t an ugly car. It’s cool and futuristic. It looks like a car version of a stealth bomber. It looks like it could be the Batmobile.

  13. VegasDude Reply

    Uhm… It’s not bad from the front, and Love the interior, but the back end is butt ugly except for the lights, and exhaust
    I’d rather have 2 Veyrons…. One Coupe, and One Roadster myself…

  14. Steve Reply

    Love some aspects of the exterior, but I don’t like the arse end of it. But saying that if it was me that owned it, it wouldn’t be me looking at it.

  15. Maaz Reply

    This project is just like Lambourghini Reventon, a sneak peek to new design and technology before introducing Aventador. Veneno is also exclusive just like Reventon, only 4 ever produced. This shows that upcoming main stream Flagship model of Lambourghini will depicte some of the features shown in Veneno..

  16. Eric Reply

    Lamborghini’s design has always been sharp and angular, akin to the F 117 Nighthawk. In my opinion, the problem with the car are the two big ugly rounded front fenders that protrude up from the trunk on each side. The car looks absolutely awesome from the rear because that sharp crisp design that Lamborghini has always been famous for is intensifiedeven more with the. but when you put a large rounded arches on an otherwise angular car, the result is something that looks like an afterthought. It just doesn’t fit the car and personally, given the choice of an Avantador and this car, I would choose the Avantador even if the two cars were exactly the same price. And I most certainly would not purchase this car for anywhere near what they are asking!

  17. matte ice Reply

    @kenneth-its not a cheap micro fiber interior. Have u ever heard of ALCANTARA suede!? it may be a synthetic material but it’s super expensive and not something on a couch from ikea like microfiber. Know what you’re talking about first. The car is fuckin amazing. No debate needed. And those wheels are incredible.

  18. Mr Shep Reply

    Lamborghini’s aren’t pretty girls walking down the street to be fancied and admired, the are the weird striking looking models wearing all kinds of crap on the catwalks around Europe. Haters, get with the Fashion.

  19. BecauseBatmanisCool Reply

    If you look at the concept, it’s not that bad. Well if you always expect classic beauty from the name “Lamborghini”, That’s a different story.

  20. Haggsy Reply

    Anyone else feel a sudden urge to push the red button before you even noticed it said push? I did, I also feel the urge to flip all the switches at once. Interesting car, I wouldn’t call it beautiful or elegant but it doesn’t come off as ugly from what I am seeing.

  21. Kenneth Reply

    Some of the body of this car make it look like the first 21st century space ship. But some things are so sweet. The tiers are soooo bad ass and so is the side and front view. The rear-end is a bit overdone but I like the duel stacked muffler and I think that is a micro fiber interior. And I also think the Italian colored switches on the console can fire missiles. Over all I consider it a win. They took a risk (and they know this) but I think it was worth it. Worth the risk, not the 4 mil price tag

  22. Salman Reply

    Its is really an amazing car, and i would like to purchase one for me, but after cutting down its price to almost 1 million.

  23. Robert Hawthorne Reply

    Form without function is the issue here. It lacks any elegance, it’s for the car enthusiast that really just wants to drive around in a Go-Bot ala Michael Bay. They should just wait for a car that can literally turn into a walking robot, because it would look less ridiculous.

    Imagine anyone seeing the back of this car on the street and not laughing, assuming that it’s the result of some garage modder (albeit an experienced one) on a flight of fancy.

  24. abhishek Reply

    I have 1 dream in my life.. I wants to work in Lamborghini it possible .give some suggestions

  25. BadJasper Reply

    It is FAR from ugly. If I had the cash, I would buy it right now. It’s probably one of the most stylish 21’st century cars I have ever seen.

  26. SF Reply

    Lamborghini is the Godfather of Supercar. They defined the term supercar. Every car they made was awesome. And the latest Aventador is no difference. Its bloody awesome. Same goes with this Veneno.

    Veneno is just something you won’t imagine in the first place. I can say about the people who are saying Veneno is not good looking than I’m 100% sure that your favourite supercar is Bugatti Veyron.

    • Dillon Reply

      Actually I think the Veneno is extremely ugly. And no, my favorite supercar is not the Veyron. My favorite supercar is either the DeTomaso Pantera or the Ferrari F50 GT. So you’re pretty ignorant for speaking for others.

      • Jose Sly Reply

        how could you hate on this car is not “ugly” at all yea the back might not look good but its for aero dynamics, and really you have no room to talk crap cause the Ferrari F50 GT looks ugly I mean really the hood on it….

      • Jeremy Ibrahim Reply

        No Offense K but the Panthera turned out to be number 5 of the 10 supercars in the category ‘Worst’ in Car and Driver

  27. john Reply

    An excessive aero package does not make it ugly.. what would you say about F1 cars? i just wish that Lamborghini will make the owners of this car to use it only in track as Ferrari did with the Enzo FXX. Its a race car with lights and license plates on… Its just awesome!!

  28. Kyle Reply

    If you really think this car looks bad you need to get either your eyes or your head checked… there’s clearly something not right with you.

    • bloomeow Reply

      kyle the car is awesome u just ain’t see in the picture that u will never be able to afford that car

  29. Leon Reply

    Proof Lambo can put out a turd with their name on it and some poor sucker will buy it.

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