Audi Nanuk Quattro Concept Defines New Level Of Dynamics & Sportiness


One particular thing that astonished and flabbergasted the audiences at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show was the unveiling of the new Audi with its Nanuk Quattro concept.  It’s a cross between Audi’s R8 supercar and an SUV.




It is driven by a twin-turbocharged V10 TDI engine, and delivers 544 horsepower with a striking 738 foot-pounds of force. Such awesome power enables this Nanuk to whip from 0-100km/h (0-62mph) in 3.8 seconds attaining a top speed of 306km/h (190 mph). To top it all, this new fast and furious beast running on diesel also delivers an estimated 30 mpg!

According to Audi, “When the driver steers at low to moderate speeds, the rear wheels turn up to nine degrees in the opposite direction of the front wheels.  This shortens the wheelbase… reducing the turning circle to roughly 10 meters. When sliding around turns at high speed the same steering system will turn the rear wheel up to 2.5 degrees in the same direction as the front wheels giving the car greater stability.”



audi-nanuk-quattro-concept-2013-frankfurt-auto-show_100439270_l audi-nanuk-quattro-concept-side-vent-photo-539473-s-1280x782

This flying horse, Nanuk comes with an integral steering system to make the car more maneuverable, making it fly around the racing track heaving massive loads! To add frosting to the cake, Audi commissioned the design in conjunction with Italdesign Giugiaro, the famous Italian styling house recently responsible for the Lamborghini Gallardo-based Parcour crossover concept. It uses molded carbon-fiber reinforced polymer outer skin that Audi candidly admits borrowing from Lamborghini’s Parcour off-road concept.



Although some elements of the car’s design, like the tall air intake ‘sideblades’, have been influenced by the R8, Audi says that the Nanuk concept ‘opens a new chapter in the Audi design language’, meaning cues from this car could well be seen on the next R8, TT, and so on.

To complete the package, the power prowling beneath its exterior makes it a must drive for any fan of speed.

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