This Building In New York Will Soon Have Vertigo-Inducing Observation Decks

One Vanderbilt is set to receive another tourist attraction. The Summit One Vanderbilt will have multiple stories and transparent boxes protruding out of the building to provide stunning scenes for the onlookers. This specific vertigo-inducing viewpoint is sure to get your adrenaline rushing!

One Vanderbilt stands at a massive height of 1,401 ft (427 m) and was designed by Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates. The fifth tallest highrise in the United States, it’s exterior based on Terracotta compliments the nearby Grand Central Terminal. The design is truly something out of the golden age of skyscrapers.

Kenzo Digital, Snøhetta, and SL Green are all coming together to make this visitor’s attraction a success. 1210 ft above street level, the viewpoint will be spread across four floors full of thrill, digital art, and state-of-the-art interior.

The levitation is set to be the most sought-after attraction of the summit. Protruding 8ft (2.5 m) out of the structure, it will surely give goosebumps to the visitors. That is not all. Ascent, the glass elevators will boast the largest glass doors and take the visitor 36 m higher than the highest point at the summit. An outdoor urban garden, bars, and seating all add to the attraction of the summit. The glass elevators will also be used to move within the summit from one point to another.

“Snøhetta designed Summit One Vanderbilt’s interior as a sensory urban experience that lifts visitors into the sky,” explains the press release. “Opening up to Manhattan, the state-of-the-art observatory and cultural space was designed as a journey through light, sound, and art with views across all five boroughs and beyond.”

“The project builds a series of interconnected experiences that begins in the vaulted halls of Grand Central Terminal, and the journey from station to sky culminates in Summit One Vanderbilt,” the statement continues. “The team reimagined the urban experience of New York as this bold new cultural space in Midtown, bringing people together through a series of elevated spaces. Celebrating New York and its history, Summit One Vanderbilt creates new perspectives for the city’s future.”

This out-of-the-world experience will cost upwards of 38 Dollars. The work on the summit is near completion and will open its doors to the public on Oct 21. We cannot wait, and we are sure neither can you!! 38 Dollars for this world-class adrenaline rush isn’t very pricey.

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