This Baby Monitor Uses AI To Keep An Eye On Your Child

invidyo baby monitor

Since the invention of baby monitors, the life of parents and babysitters has been made a lot easier. However, the core technology in the baby monitor has not changed a lot since its first production. While the technology was progressing a lot in other areas, it was constantly stagnant in the baby monitors. The creators of the invidyo video monitor noticed this gap and decided to fill it in. The world’s first AI enabled video baby monitor is on sale for over 30% off while its usual price is just $169.

The company created the world’s first baby monitor which utilizes artificial intelligence in its working. The invidyo gives you the chance to have an unparalleled connection with your child while you are away. It has an intelligent video monitor and facial recognition technology. The monitor captures the picture of the baby whenever they smile and also compiles the most important highlights into a 2-minute daily clip. This allows you to see your child’s most important moments every day. You can also save the snaps in a private photo album.

The monitor also features an advanced night vision feature which allows you to keep an eye on your baby even in the dark. The facial technology in the Invidyo allows the user to label familiar faces and sends a notification everytime any stranger is nearby. You will also get notifications for smoke, noise, motion, decreased air quality, and temperature changes in the room. You can also communicate with anyone in the area using a simple mobile app.

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