Ridy Camera Alerts Drivers When They Are Drowsy Or Distracted

Ridy Looks For Drivers Who Are Distracted Or Drowsy While Driving

When a person starts learning to drive, the lessons they get also includes that no one should drive when they are distracted or drowsy. However, no one realizes the importance of this unless they themselves are in either of these states. A small device Ridy is designed to monitor the driver’s face while they are driving and alert them if they detect any danger. The device easily mounts on the dashboard, windshield or rearview mirror using a clamp or a suction cup.

It uses an onboard camera along with real-time machine vision analytics. The device monitors driver’s face continuously while driving and pays special attention to things like the frequency of blinking, the number and duration of times when they were looking away from the road, and facial expressions and yawns. If the device notices that the driver is too drowsy or distracted, it issues a verbal warning.

It depends on the severity of the situation that what warning is issued. It can range from “Keep Your Eyes On The Road” to more serious warnings like “Danger! Danger! Wake Up!”. The device doesn’t physically take charge of anything but since it is hardwired with car’s system, it can physically turn off the engine. If you’re concerned with your privacy then you should relax knowing that Ridy¬†doesn’t record any video or create any records and not connected to the internet.


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