This Award-Winning 3D-Printable Prosthetic Is Now Open-Access

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology and innovation, the spirit of altruism continues to shine through individuals who prioritize the greater good over personal profit. One such inspirational figure is David Edquilang, the brilliant mind behind Lunet, an award-winning 3D printable finger prosthesis. What sets Edquilang apart is his unwavering commitment to ensuring that this groundbreaking invention remains open-access, aiming to provide aid to those in need.

Lunet emerged from Edquilang’s desire to revolutionize finger prostheses, sparked by the unfortunate experience of a frostbite victim who required an affordable and efficient solution. Collaborating with University of Houston’s Associate Professor Jeff Feng, Edquilang tirelessly worked on perfecting the design. Their partnership resulted in 60 prototypes over two weeks, culminating in the Lunet model. This design flawlessly encapsulates the essence of simplicity, durability, and functionality. It orbits around the user’s joints like a moon, providing a seamless integration into their daily lives.

Edquilang’s innovative breakthrough came from a purposeful act—damaging a prototype to identify weaknesses and enhance durability. The Lunet’s design utilizes readily available 3D printed plastics, making it robust and resilient with minimal points of failure. The use of polylactic acid and thermoplastic polyurethane, along with a simple four-part assembly, ensures strength and durability in everyday use.

This outstanding creation has garnered global recognition, winning prestigious awards such as the 2023 Red Dot: Luminary, 2023 Red Dot: Best of the Best, and two 2023 DNA Paris Design Awards. Additionally, Lunet received Gold for the 2023 Spark Design Award, was named a 2023 IDEA finalist, and stands as a U.S. national runner-up for the 2023 James Dyson Award.

Edquilang’s decision to make Lunet open-access speaks volumes about the power of sharing knowledge and technology for the greater good. By making this groundbreaking prosthetic freely available online, he ensures that countless individuals who lack access to affordable alternatives can benefit, embodying the true essence of innovation for humanity.

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