Tesla Has Hired Back Some Of Its Supercharger Workers After Realizing It Needs Them

Some of the Supercharger team members that Tesla let go last month are returning. This comes after Elon Musk, the CEO, promised to greatly boost funding for the network of charging stations.

Among those who have come back is Max de Zegher, the former director of charging for North America. Unknown is the precise number of rehires. Both de Zegher and Musk have remained silent about the matter.

The electric vehicle sector was taken aback by the initial plan to lay off the whole Supercharger team, or about 500 individuals. A significant benefit of Tesla is its Supercharger network, and the company has persuaded rivals to accept its charging protocol.

In response to harsh criticism, Musk said he will invest more than $500 million in network expansion this year. He had earlier suggested expanding more slowly and concentrating on already-existing stations.

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Tesla’s social media page dedicated to charging announced the company’s restructuring and thanked its partners for their perseverance. Notably, de Zegher reposted this comment.

Musk has previously changed his mind on cost-cutting initiatives. 2019 saw him make intentions to close the majority of Tesla stores, although he later changed his mind because of lease commitments. Twitter experienced a similar scenario following Musk’s takeover in 2022.

Since its inception in 2012, Tesla’s Supercharger network has expanded to include over 6,200 stations with 57,000 connectors globally. The latest rehires indicate that this vital infrastructure is receiving more attention.

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