This Amazing Video Explains How A Gas Pump Always Stops Before Overfilling Your Tank

YouTuber Steve Mould always comes up with educational videos that explain the most bizarre and unique scientific concepts that we encounter. You may remember this episode where he showed how ice can make water boil or this clip where he showed how a self-healing polymer works.

In this latest edition of his show, he reveals an explanation of how gas pumps work. The question he answers is: how do these things know when to turn themselves off?

It is a very valid question indeed. Anyone who has ever put gas in their vehicle has never had to fear that their car might overflow with gas. The pump automatically and consistently turns off just when the gas tank is full.

The explanation must be seen to be understood and the video explains everything. It uses illustrations of how a gas pump always manages to stop the flow of fuel just in time to avoid overfilling.

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