This New Project Is Scanning Old Data To Search For Signs Of Alien Civilizations

In a newly recognized ambitious project, two scientists have navigated a brand-new technique to unearth old data in our Milky Way galaxy in order to discover the existence of ancient alien civilizations that had gone unnoticed in prior research studies. These two scientists have been working under an initiative known as “Alien-Hunting Breakthrough Listen” and have revealed some fascinating details regarding the project. It should be noted that the research is soon going to be published in “Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society”. According to the recent announcement made by SETI scientists, the new project has the potential to scale up operations for exploring the universe in detail.

The research work on this esteemed project could prove beneficial for the scientists as they would then be able to detect “powerful transmitters” in space along with a lot more interesting details that will ultimately help the astronomers in the years to come. However, the authors of this research study are very optimistic about the project, as the study co-author, Michael Garret, who is a researcher at the University of Manchester and director of the Jodrell Bank center for Astrophysics, said, “I think for a while we’ve realized that when we make a SETI observation with a radio telescope, we are sensitive to not only the target star in the center of the field but also a patch of sky about the size of the Moon.”

Similarly, he further stated, “Other objects in the field include foreground stars and background stars in our own Milky Way. Until recently, we didn’t know how to make use of this fact because we didn’t know the distance to these stars. ” Not only this, the director of the Berkley SETI Research Center and principal investigator for the Breakthrough Listen program also achieved a milestone by discovering more than 400 previous Breakthrough Initiative surveys of our galaxy along with capturing all those 140,000 objects in the galaxy which scientists were not able to detect in their previous research studies. You would be amazed to know that they have achieved this through the European Space Agency’s Gaia telescope.

To that end, the detected objects include galactic nuclei, radio galaxies, and interacting galaxies, etc. Hence, this seems to be the most effective approach to gathering interesting data about forgotten and ancient alien civilizations. Along with this, Garret said, “It turns out that wherever you point your telescope, the field of view is going to include some interesting cosmic object.”

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