These New Glow-In-The-Dark Line Marking In Australia Offer A New Level Of Safety

If you are living in Australia, you can now experience something very subtle but ingenious while traveling across Victoria’s highway. These fascinating images of “glow-in-the-dark” lane markings in Australia have recently drawn attention due to their futuristic and undeniably cool nature. This is definitely a sight to behold and has made great strides on social media as, according to, the pictures got a whopping 100,000 shares on Facebook. The project to integrate these glowing lights onto an Australian highway has been completed under the supervision of “Tarmac Linemarking,” a road construction company based in Victoria.

The captivating lights expand in the southeast direction across the highway in Victoria and cover an area of around one kilometer. It should be noted that the design and completion of this project have been decided under the “trial run” phase. To get into this incredible endeavor, Australia received funding from the government for the accomplishment of this project, and as a matter of fact, these “photoluminescent markings” could turn out to be a big win for the pioneering minds. The purpose behind incorporating these amazing lights into the highway was to benefit the drivers by making the nearby signs and markings more conspicuous.

The mechanism behind these photoluminescent lights is pretty exciting. The coating integrated on these lights continuously absorbs all the light energy during the daytime and starts to display its glowing tendency during the night or in the dark. This makes it different from other technologies and presents a pleasurable experience for travelers. In addition to this, a spokesperson of the company said that the lights have the ability to stay turned on for “most parts of the night” from the energy that they gather during the day, although they are not really sure what would happen in the case of cloudy weather.

However, we should think about the fact that are these glow-in-the-dark lights really better and more optimized than the road reflectors that have been used currently? We are also unclear about the sustainability and cost parameters of these lights.  At the moment, we can just say that this sizzling technology has taken a really effective approach in today’s world of science and technology instead of just being fanciful.

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