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This Amazing Work Desk Naturally Amplifies Any Music You Play On Your Smartphone

Soundbox Desk Amplifies Sound Without Electricity2

The trend of mixing latest technologies with vintage designs is rising and there is quite a number of such devices out there. The latest among them is the merger of smartphone and the phonograph-style horn, which works by amplifying the sound from the smartphone without relying on electricity. The device has been named as Soundbox Desk and has been created by a Korean metal art and design student Jina U.

Soundbox Desk has been designed to be exhibited at the graduate exhibition at Seoul’s National University of Technology. The desk and the chair that comes along with it has been made from acacia wood, steel and copper. Its design is quite wonderful and amazingly achieved while hiding the marvel feature into a square-shaped cabinet located on the right hand side.

There is a groove on the top surface, which is designed for your smartphone. When you place your smartphone over the surface, the phonograph’s horn collects the sound from your smartphone’s speaker and carries it to the front at the cabinet – similar to the piping under your kitchen sink.

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