The Lift Converts Your Existing Workstation Into A Standing Desk

The Lift 7

What’s the most damaging thing about working in an office for 8 hours? Yes, your posture goes down the drain and your body starts accumulating fat. That is exactly why the idea of standing desks was conceived and why it caught on as well. However, the latest version in the family of standing desk has managed to beat its Kickstarter goal within days of being introduced. The member is known as ‘Lift’ and is essentially speaking, a desk made of wood that is stylish to say the least and will help your posture while boosting your productivity.The Lift The Lift 2 The Lift 4

The Lift has been created by a company named iSkelter and comes as an add-on unit for your existing desk. It measures in at 37 inches across, a depth of 22.5 inches, height of 16.2 inches and comes with an adjustable shelf that ranges from 3 to 15 inches owing to the side panels with notches. It comes in natural color, hazelnut and bamboo. The shelf on the bottom has been covered with felt material and you can place your pens, keys or coins over there. The Lift is great when it comes to personalizing.The Lift 5 The Lift 6 The Lift 9 The Lift 10

It has a mouse pad built right into it and flushed with the surface of the assembly. The dry erase board will allow you to take quick notes or kill some time by drawing stuff. The drink holder has been incorporated with a display dock that can hold your smartphone or tablet. The clips that it comes equipped with allow the user to keep the table tidy and clean.The Lift 8

If all goes well, the Lift will be available for delivery by November this year for a pledge of $248. So would you get one?


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