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This Triple-bladed Toothbrush Can Clean Your Teeth Under 10 Seconds

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It takes an annoyingly long few minutes to clean your teeth with regular single-brush toothbrushes and since we are always in a hurry to do it, some vital insides are left ignored and cause tooth decay in the long-term. This three-headed electric toothbrush named Glaresmile was made to effectively speed things up and be done with it in less than ten seconds! It is currently undergoing crowdfunding on Kickstarter.

Now maintaining the perfect teeth is no easy matter since tooth decay and tooth ache has been termed as the worst type of pain along with migraines. Different products have attempted to help you get better at cleaning and repairing them. We have even seen tooth-repairing toothpaste that claims to be beneficial for the teeth’s health. I imagine using it with GlareSmile would certainly make things a lot better!

The three brushes instead of just the one is an innovative concept that I haven’t seen so far. It provides you with an automatic brushing experience that can clean the teeth very well. The three brushes engage in a rotating plaque-removing movement that has been found out to be very effective at cleaning those tight spaces while taking much less effort and time. You can also choose between different modes according to the requirement. For cleaning gums, there is a separate mode while sensitive teeth are cleaned using specially designed lower speed mode. You can also manually alter it, and the small touchscreen that comes with it make it possible to control and select the mode you need.

While the brush is very advanced and useful stuff and ready for all ages five and above, I just don’t see people caring enough actually to shift to it except the children with black teeth, the disabled users and the elderly. However, each one of your doesn’t need to buy a new one for yourself as the brushes are easily removable. So, a single GlareSmile can serve a whole family. You just need to buy your own brushes. It charges via USB, and there is an assorted solar charging option available too if you are on the go. The device comes with charging docks with space for extra heads if there need be. It also helps you a lot with the companion app telling you about your brush statistics and cleaning data.

A modest $99 pledge can land you the GlareSmile with a charger on Kickstarter. Shipping is expected to begin in December this year.

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