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Coosno Is The Smart Coffee Table You Have Always Wanted

Coosno is currently raising funds on Indiegogo and proves the notion that a coffee table can’t be modified with technology wrong. It comes equipped with a mini-fridge, voice control, Google Home, and much more.

Coosno can charge two mobile devices wirelessly when it is in its ‘inert’ state. It also offers the cable-charging via two USB ports or two standard power outlets as well. And if you have not figured it out yet; yes, the Coosno table has to be plugged into a wall outlet itself. If you want to listen to tunes, you can stream them using your smartphone to the six-speaker Bluetooth stereo system that has been incorporated into Coosno. Coosno also features a 3.5-mm input plug that can be used for streaming music.

While the music plays, a 160,000-color 288-LED display in the tempered glass tabletop gets engaged for visualizing the music. You can also voice-command the table for opening its fridge. The table responds by electronically lifting the top using a telescoping pedestal therein revealing a circular Lazy Susan-type platform. This rotating platform is capable of holding a total of 68 chilled cans of beer or other kinds of drinks and snacks.

Coosno also comes with Google Home tech pre-installed into the smart coffee table. You can ask it questions, check the weather, remotely gain control of your smart home features, and can basically use it for all of the tasks that you rely on a stand-along Google Home unit for. You can also rely on a companion app to have the table perform its tasks. It also has a drawer that can be used for storing remotes, magazines, and other stuff.

Coosno is currently raising funds and is available in two sizes. The smaller Home model can be procured for a pledge of $299 (retail price would be $799), and the bigger Bar version can be obtained for a pledge of $399 (retail price would be $999). If everything goes according to plan, shipping would take place during February 2020.

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