This Algae Canopy Can Generate 4 Hectare Forest Worth of Oxygen

Algae Canopy4

“Feeding the Planet” Expo in Milan attracts some of the best pro-environment and green projects being developed across the world. London-based ecoLogicStudio has unveiled the design for its algae-based canopies that can replenish the Oxygen we humans waste away so comfortably.

Algae Canopy2

The bio-digital structure uses algae-ised water being pumped around a transparent structure to produce a dynamic shade according to the inhabitants’ will, Tonnes of oxygen and the micro-organism mass can also be used to make biofuel. It also adjusts its pattern for the amusement of people based on their movement.

Algae Canopy

When the Sunlight is intense, it helps the algae multiply and increase their presence in the water, making it deep green. When the dark water flows above, it creates visibly colorful patterns while at the same time, providing shade in the heat. The canopy on display is small as it is being used in an expo demonstration. But, if bigger structures like these are installed, they can produce as much Oxygen as four hectares of forests and 150 Kg of Biomass.

Algae Canopy3

Different patterns are projected on the screens as people walk past these innovative structures. The electro valves are triggered that change the speed of the water flowing above. The marvelous idea is inspired by the fact that the defining lines between the real and artificial in the post-modern age needs to be eliminated. A nature-centered architectural sense is the best way to feel the roots of the humanity in our increasingly mechanical minds. And guess what? It doesn’t just do that; it also produces biomass and Oxygen for a whole village to use as well! We need more of this kind of projects to go back to our roots and employ nature-centric models for construction.

Here is the full video of the project from ecoLogicDesign:


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