Here’s A Concept For A Self-Sustaining Vertical City In The Sahara Desert

Vertical City Concept For Sahara 6

OXO Architects has come up with a conceptual design for a structure that has been named as Sand Tower. According to the firm, it will measure in at a height of 1,476 ft, that equals about half the height of Burj Khalifa. It does, however, offers more floor space with a total of 78 hectares.Vertical City Concept For Sahara

The building has been designed with a tower in the centre that has been covered with vegetation and thus, gives shelter to the vertical garden from harsh conditions. About 22% of the tower shall offer office space while 17.5% is to be used for hoteling purpose and 15% for floor space. The remaining space will be utilized by shopping center, museum, restaurant, spa, conference rooms and sporting area. A heliport is to be built on the roof as well.Vertical City Concept For Sahara 2

The concept sports some amazing and ambitious technological aspects as well. It shall be able to collect about 45,000 cubic meters of rainwater and shall be used for a myriad of purposes. It will be transferred 4km deep, and earth’s heat shall be employed for turning it into steam. The steam would then be directed back to the surface and shall power a generator that will provide electricity.Vertical City Concept For Sahara 3 Vertical City Concept For Sahara 4 Vertical City Concept For Sahara 7 Vertical City Concept For Sahara 5

The structure would also acquire power via solar panels while the temperature inside shall be maintained by making use of natural ventilation. According to the report on the project, it can be started in 2025 and complete construction has been phased over a period of 50 years.


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