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This 1300 Km Long Cycle Trail Will Link Scotland And England

The Great North Trail is a continuous cycle trail that connects England and Scotland and is aimed at opening the countryside to cyclists. It runs for 1,300 kilometers and features off-road ups and downs with forest trails and canal paths.

The trail will pass through the Peak District, the Yorkshire Dales and Kielder Forest in England. It will also make its way through Loch Lomond, the Trossachs National Park and Loch Ness in Scotland. The route will, basically, be taking cyclists through some of the most famous beauty spots in the United Kingdom.

In Scotland, for instance, the cyclists will be able to make their way through Cape Wrath, which is considered the most north-westerly part of the UK. The majority of the route is an off-road cycle path featuring forest trails and minor roads that have little to almost no traffic. The cycle trail has been designed as an adventurous mountain biking route.

As per Cycling UK, the promoting body of this cycle trail, about a quarter of the people who make use of the UK’s national trails prefer bikes. This implies that by opening the cycle trail, health and economic benefits could be imparted to the masses. The links that exist between exercise and mental well-being are quite well-known. A number of studies have also proven that cycling not only helps with mental health but also allows people to develop more connections.

Governments all over the world are actually trying their best to promote cycling because of the physical benefits that it offers as well as the pros that it has to offer in terms of mental health. Nonetheless, a number of people in the UK are gravely concerned about the safety of cyclists on the road. This has led the number of cyclists to drop, and it is here that cycle trail will be able to make a difference.

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