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This Restaurant Grills You Food Over Volcano Lava

This Restaurant Grills Food Over Volcano 6

We all know what time this is, the BBQ time! Everyone is getting ready to dust off the grill and fire it up. However, the island of Lanzarote in Spanish Canary Islands is getting ready to serve up BBQ in style; by grilling them on volcanoes.

Yes, that’s what they are up to. The restaurant uses volcano for grilling food. The restaurant is known as El Diablo and is located on top of a dormant volcano in the Timanfaya National Park. It offers panoramic views of the Lanzarote landscape.

The grill is built about 6 ft. above a pool of lava that bubbles at 400 degrees Celsius. The Timanfaya volcano last erupted in 1824 and has been dormant ever since. Quite an amazing business idea to execute though, wouldn’t you say so?