These Smart Burner Knobs Make Sure That An Unattended Stove Never Burns Your House Down

Inirv Smart knob

Wouldn’t it be a huge bummer if you somehow forgot that pot of ramen on the stove? The over-exposure to heat ends up ruining not only the ramen but also the entire kitchen, or even worse, starting a full-fledged fire! There have been countless instances of such unfortunate incidents, but a startup called Inirv Labs is here to help you avoid these disasters.

Pic Credits: Kickstarter/inirv

The product is called Inirv React, and it works by detecting any smoke or fire through sensors, upon which it automatically shut off your burners thus, keeping your kitchen (and ramen) safe from turning into a lump of coal.


Pic Credits: Kickstarter/inirv

The smoke detector is mounted to your kitchen ceiling. It is connected with WiFi as well as Bluetooth. The old burner knobs are to be replaced by the Inirv knobs.

Pic Credits: Kickstarter/inirv

The smoke detection and motion sensor can detect smoke, gas, and motion of people. The sensors connect to the knob through WiFi or Bluetooth. If any hazard is detected, the sensors send a signal to the knob, which automatically shuts off your burner in case no motion is detected.

Pic Credits: Kickstarter/inirv

The Inirv’s iOS and Android app will send a notification to the user before turning off the burner. You may tweak the settings and disable the turn-off feature in the app as per your requirements.

Pic Credits: Kickstarter/inirv

The company has launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for their product, and it has already reached $122,053 pledged of a $40,000 goal. The system costs $299 (£245 in the UK) for now and comes with four knobs and a sensor.

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