Seagate Will Launch A 16 TB Hard Drive In 2018

16 tb hard drive (2)

You never want to run out of space, do you? Even if you are trashing data that you might not even need. Seagate wants to make sure you don’t even have to delete that TV series that you may never watch again. They are preparing to launch a 16 TB hard drive in 2018.

This 16 TB beast is not some massive external drive. Except for its ridiculous capacity, the hard drive is a standard-issue 3.5-inch SATA drive.

The CEO Stephen Luczo says that at the moment, the company is testing a 12 TB  drive with a 14 TB  model in research and has gained a very positive feedback.

Seagate has a goal to reach 20 TB by 2020. Providing the map for the next 18 months, the Seagate  Chairman and CEO Steve Luczo announced the plan of launching 16 TB hard drive my mid-2018. The CEO said,”Our eight terabyte product leads the market in cost and performance, and we are pleased with the ramp of our 10-terabyte product in terms of quality, performance, and customer qualifications.”

Source: Alpha Coders

With the current maximum capacity of 8TB, the 16TB drives are a huge leap. The mainstream desktop hard drive right now is Seagate’s 8TB STBD8000400 model that costs $330, while the enterprise grade hard drive is ST10000NM0086 that costs $466. Just like the trend set in the last couple of years, the upcoming drives will also be helium filled.

Source: B& H

Companies like Backblaze have their eyes on the upcoming hard drives that currently uses Seagate’s 8TB drives storing nearly half a petabyte of data. For obvious reasons, the drives will not be cheap. Data storage companies will snatch these in no time, possibly paying whatever absurd amount they cost.
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