Wonderful Engineering

These Guys Transformed A Jet Engine Into A Cool BBQ Grill

Say hello to the Delta Airlines TechOps team in Atlanta that has the best BBQ grill ever! The engineers have transformed an old jet engine into a huge BBQ grill and are enjoying summers like the boss!

The BBQ grill was originally created by Delta’s TechOps team back in 2016 by making use of scrap parts that belonged to a Pratt & Whitney PW2000 jet engine of a Boeing 757. When you look at the barbecuing station created by this team, you are nothing short of amazed.

Every part of the grill has been developed in a way that it remains easily accessible. Once opened up, it provides you with a workstation and the grill. The grill is capable of turning heads without a shadow of doubt and offers quite a large grilling space. The grill is amazing if you have a large party attending your BBQ get together!

The Technical Operations team at Delta also has another custom grill to its name that was developed last year. The project was a scaled down plane grill that had a wingspan of over 20 feet across and fuselage grilling chamber that is 38 feet long and about 15 feet high at the tip of the plane’s tail. What was more impressive was the fact that the plane grill could churn out 500 burgers in an hour!

These projects that are being taken on by Delta’s TechOps team are amazing, but they actually serve a greater purpose; showcasing the talent that is part of the Technical Operations team at Delta. Don Mitacek, S.V.P.-Technical Operations, said, ‘It can be difficult for customers and employees alike to understand and appreciate what TechOps does fully. But the craftsmanship of the grill allows people to see what TechOps does each and every day to keep our planes in tip-top shape.’