Guy Coverts An Old Tire Rim Into A Beautiful BBQ Grill

DIY Grill from an Old Tire Rim 5

The barbecue season is coming folks and it is about high time to get your grills ready. Don’t own one? Or the old one just won’t cut it for this season? Don’t worry, for we have the DIY guide that will help you in creating a grill from an old tire rim. The hardware required for the project can be seen in the images below.DIY Grill from an Old Tire Rim 2

The high-heat grill paint is a crucial ingredient for imparting a professional-like finished look to the product. The main body of grill structure is actually quite simple to make. Everything is assembled by making use of plumbing fittings and bolts along with nuts.DIY Grill from an Old Tire Rim 3

The base is created using cut 2x4s joined together, sanded and stained. You will have to ensure that the grill base is sturdy and heavy enough to avoid tipping over of the grill. Screw in some caster wheels to the bottom for imparting mobility to the grill and finishing off the base. Once you have placed the circular grill in the wheel rim – the project is almost complete. You can add more stuff if you want – such as, I bars for hanging your utensils.DIY Grill from an Old Tire Rim 4

A mobile grilling platform using recycled materials is now complete and ready to make some delicious barbecue.

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