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Here Are 100 Most Brilliant Tech Hacks On The Internet – Part 4

We have compiled a list of 100 tech hacks that every person must know owing to the age we are living in. However, we thought that reading 100 hacks in one go would be too much, therefore have broken it up into 5 parts-series. What follows is part 4 of the tech hack series.

20. Use different colors for your earphone tips to differentiate left and right side easily.

19. Want to edit an online image in Paint? Paste the image URL directly into Paint to open it.

18. finds eBay items with typos, which often have no bids because no one can find them.

17. When online shopping, begin the checkout process but don’t complete it. Most online stores will send you coupons codes to encourage sales.

16. For Amazon, use to get alerts when prices drop.

15. You can also try your luck with Honey, which automatically applies coupon codes at checkout.

14. gathers groceries at the lowest prices from leading online stores.

13. finds grocery coupons based on the grocery item names you entered.

12. finds and lists cool and unbelievable products.

11. is similar to but everything is under $15.

10. shows you the market price of product you searched.

9. sells outfits that characters wear on TV shows.

8. Currently in foreign country? Use to avoid country specific URL redirect. NCR stands for No Country Redirect.

7. Bypass expensive airport Wi-Fi by adding “?.jpg” at the end of any URL.

6. Get free Wi-Fi passwords for local places in Foursquare’s comment sections.

5. ranks hotels’ Wi-Fi speed and shows hotels with free Wi-Fi.

4. In-flight entertainment system.

3. When purchasing items online esp. airline and train tickets, use incognito mode on your browser, because the prices might increase the more you revisit the item pages.

2. finds “hidden city” flight tickets which may save you up to 80%.

Try also:,

1. Send text messages by email: (For US)


Amp’d Mobile:


AT&T: (pictures, text may work)

Boost Mobile:



Einstein PCS:






US Cellular: (text)

US Cellular: (pictures)

Verizon: (text)

Verizon: (pictures)


For Canadian providers, refer to this.