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Guy Converts An Old Giant Spool Into An Awesome Bar BQ Grill

Summer is about to conclude, however, there is still quite some time to plan a Bar BQ party in backyard. If you plan on finishing the season with a bang, then you need to check out this amazing DIY project. This DIY-er didn’t spend money on buying new parts or a whole grill, but rather made use of an up-cycled cable reel along with a small charcoal grill. Check out the project below and let us know what you think of it.

You are going to need a huge cable reel or a giant spool first.

The wooden part needs to be big enough so that it can be re-purposed as a table.

You will have to sand all surfaces of the pool.

You will have to ensure that you remove all nasty objects and nails that are sticking out of the wood.

Cut an opening into the center of the spool.

You’ll have to ensure that the four roads which are keeping the center of spool in space are snug enough to keep the surface table. You’ll also need to take measurements beforehand to confirm if the hole is big enough for fitting the grill.

Place the grill inside the newly cut opening.

The grill will fit perfectly given that the diameter of the cut is equal to the diameter of grill being used.

Now remove the grill from the assembly and make use of varnish to give the table a natural and distinguished look.

Affix the grill again and here’s your grill table!