These Are The Winners Of The 2020 Drone Photo Awards


This year’s Drone Photo Awards present a mesmerizing arrangement of aerial images. These pictures are taken from an exceptional view from above and show a different dimension that we usually don’t get to see.

Commended - Nature. Coffee or Tea. Brazil
Commended - Life Under COVID-19. Lockdown Dubai.

This competition has become a diversified platform in three year’s span, which is pretty impressive. Participants from all over the globe send in their unique work in hopes of winning.

Highly Commended - Urban. Sunrise on the Top. Shanghai, China

Every final selection is a unique work of art, ranging from the winning click of a school of salmon looking like a love heart to an exclusive category on the ways that Covid-19 has affected our habitat.

The event has become part of the Sienna International Photo Awards. It caters to about nine categories in total, including Sports, People, Urban, Nature, etc.

Winner - People. Frozen Land. Eurasian Steppe
Winner - Life Under COVID-19. Black Flag. A socially distanced protest in Israel, April, 2020

The image above belongs to the exclusive 2020 category of drone photo awards referred to as empty cities, demonstrates the changes that Covid-19 has made on each aspect of our existence. It reflects the crowd maintaining social distance protocols and got rated first in this list.

Highly Commended - Life Under COVID-19. Corona. Konya, Turkey

Winning Shot:

An Australian photographer won the competition for his magnificent shot of a school of salmon, forming the shape of a heart. Could the timing be any more perfect?

Each finalist picture is worth a look and lets us see things from a different dimension. People from around the world have invested their best photography skills and incorporated them with their unique ideas. It is a mere treat to watch!

Commended - Urban. Time is the Only Witness. Mansuè, Treviso, Italy
Commended - Urban. Angry Seagull. Chioggia, Venezia
Commended - Sport. Sunrise Surfing. Bateau Bay, NSW, Australia
Commended - Nature. Spring Maple Tree Shadow. Weybridge, Vermont
Highly Commended - People. Mountains of Salt. Thi Xa Ninh Hoa, Vietnam
Commended - Sport. Start. Ottobiano
Commended - Life Under COVID-19. The Parking! Almere, Netherlands
Winner - Nature. Gray Whale Plays Pushing Tourists. Puerto Adolfo Lopez Mateos, Baja California, Mexico
Commended - Urban. Grafarkirkja. Gröf, Iceland
Commended - Urban. Buran. Kazakhstan
Highly Commended - Wildlife. An Afternoon Drink. Assam, India
Commended - Sport. Kleanthis Vikelidis stadium in flames

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