Youtuber Places Acoustic Guitar Strings In A Piano, Plays A Magnificent Tone


What will you think of seeing a piano instructor taping the sustain pedal to lift the dampers from the ground? I don’t know what your first thought be, but surely you’d know you are in for a wild ride.

A regular 88 key piano ranges from producing 27.5 HZ to 4186 HZ or in the number series from AO to C8, respectively. So is the case with its strings that vary at large in diameter.

When it comes to piano strings, it is a general fact that they can take a lot of beating. This immense strength makes it a high demand for wiring applications of steel. The piano string can be stretched to limits without breaking. These strings tend to last for years and even decades in varying temperatures and still stand their ground.

For a better understanding of its strength, consider a guitar’s string has the power of a toddlers bite, and a piano’s string strength would equal to a bite of a crocodile. It is this much difference between the two. Guitar strings can hold a tension of 90 kg, whereas the piano string can bare 18 tonnes.

Youtuber Mattias Krantz went through a whole inconvenient process and a few injuries to make this magnificent. He ordered a set of 40 guitar strings and got to work. To find out how does it sound, watch the video below.


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