Here Is The Intriguing Story Behind The Worlds Smallest Park In Portland


The United States is home to the world’s smallest park, which is located in Portland. It is called the Mill Ends park, and its size is just two feet in a circle. You must be thinking, how could that be a park? A park for ants and bees? It equals the size of a regular plant pot. How could that be called a park? Keep all these thoughts in your head and make sure no Portlandian gets to know you are thinking this way.


Portlandians have been treating this two feet as a park for 40 years now. They even have a Guinness record certificate for the world’s smallest park to prove you wrong if you happen to think otherwise.


The story behind the spot known as the Mills End Park initially was a designated spot for a light pole. For some odd reasons, the pole wasn’t installed as planned, and the once empty site had weed sprouted in it. A columnist from the Oregan Journal for the first time planted flowers as the place started growing wild plants.


Fagan wrote a column on Mills End Park, which went pretty famous back in its time. Now the park is known for where it got its name from, and the events that happened over there. It officially turned into a park on St. Patricks Day in 1948.


Fagan’s stories fantasize about some residents of the park and the fairies that only he could see. One of his words was about a leprechaun that he spotted in the park from his office window. He rushed downstairs and grabbed it, which meant that he could make a wish. Fagan always wanted to own a park, but the size of it wasn’t specified anywhere. Hence, it gave the Mills End Park a chance to fulfill his desire.


To date, even long after the death of Fagan in 1969 due to cancer, the park still holds its status. It officially became a city park on St. Patricks Day in 1976 and played venue for St. Patricks Day festivities.

People have contributed to the park over these years and have brought in a diving board for butterflies, a Ferris wheel, a small swimming pool, an occasional flying saucer, and lots of statues.

The park has hosted multiple events over time, including a concert by Clan Macleay. Junior Rose Festival court has been hosting rose planting events in the park. A couple of army men figures were also placed in the park during Occupy Portland Event in 2011.


Have a look at the following pictures, you’ll surely admire the world’s smallest park and the love that Portlandians possess for this two feet spot.


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