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The Ultimate Guideline for Buying a Hoverboard

Hoverboards or self-balancing scooters are all the rage nowadays with countless designs and brands everywhere offering different kinds of user experience. Since it is a relatively new tech, many people are curious about its actual performance and don’t know what to keep in mind while browsing across the endless products the manufacturers are featuring on the e-commerce giants like Amazon and eBay. They all seem to be saying the same thing when it comes to hoverboards, but what specs should you keep in mind while buying a scooter that fits your requirements? Here are some important details you should follow:

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1. Wheel Size

Wheel sizes less than 8″ are meant for lean folk and kids. Their controls are generally swift and based on fast response. The size greater than 8″ is for adults and bulky people in general and they can also be effectively used for outdoor action.

2. Battery Life and Type

All of the major hoverboard companies give their battery description and approximate time they can last, but they can rarely be trusted with their figures, so it is recommended you go through an independent review and find out how long it lasts in reality. Any hoverboard that can do more than 15 Km could be a good contender for your purchase. Also, make a mental note on finding out which kind of battery the hoverboard uses because it will need replacing at a time in the future and you don’t want to end up with an indistinctive dead battery and a lifeless hoverboard.

3. Speed

It all depends on your taste. If you like it fast and zoom past people, then the boards with speed more than eight mph are the ones you will like. If you prefer to stroll casually with the help of the machine and take a look at the surroundings, max speed less than seven mph is good enough for you. It is also easy to balance a slower board, so if you have difficulties maintaining balance, slow board is the one for you.

4. Controls

Some of the boards like Erover are made for instantaneous response and kids are great at controlling them. Others like Skque don’t respond like that and are made for slower audiences. So, select the one you are comfortable with in under your feet. Look for these in reviews.

5. Charging time

This is vital as you will need to recharge the hoverboards every couple of hours/ days or so. Don’t select a product that will require ages for you to recharge it. A fast charging port is always useful and will energize your board for another ride in no time.

6. Bluetooth Connectivity and Speakers

If you like to remain connected while on the move, the Bluetooth option is worth considering as, without much extra cost, you can get Bluetooth connectivity and speakers on your hoverboard. Now you can play the beats while on the move and remain in touch with other people without having a need to check your smartphone every now and then. Here are 10 Best Hoverboards with Bluetooth connectivity.

7. Warranty

Just like any engineering product, you should check what is covered by the warranty and for how long. The hoverboards are to be used both inside and outside of our homes, and their wheels and body will face wear and tear over time as well as collisions and falls. Make sure that you get the best warranty deal for your parts as humanly possible and take a note of their services availability. Here are 10 Hoverboards which come with best warranty.

8. Lighting

Normally, these scooters come with front LED lights and even though, many don’t have these, they are extremely useful while zooming through the night because the board may never be in our full control at all times.

So, do tell us which hoverboards you like and how this guideline helped you in purchasing the right product in the comments section. Do check out the best hoverboard in market. Happy hunting!