10 Best Hoverboards with Bluetooth


This particular list focuses on hoverboards with the Bluetooth functionality. We have looked for sound quality of Bluetooth speakers and remote control functionality to make our list.

10. Anhell Hoverboard(520$)

10 Hoverboards with the best bluetooth

Anhell Hoverboards come with a 1-year warranty and go as high up as 15-20km/h velocity. These Hoverboards take about 90 minutes to charge and as per manufacturer the machine is delivered between 3-5 days to deliver in the USA.

Available Here!

Following Hoverboards were Temporarily Taken Down By Amazon.com

The below mentioned self-balancing scooters were all removed by amazon.com. You can either search for the manufacturer independently or wait for them to be available on Amazon.com again. The duration for which they will remain absent on Amazon is not known.

9. Zoeson Hoverboard(389$)

10 Best Hoverboards with Bluetooth (10)

Rechargeable Hoverboard with a range of 25km per charge. Since it has Bluetooth, you can use remote control functionality or use it to activate the speakers. The durable hoverboard can sustain weights of 120kg.

Available Here!

8. A AURA Self Balancing Scooter(398.99$)

10 Best Hoverboards with Bluetooth (8)

Since this hoverboard has 8-inch wheels, it is suitable for off road terrain as well. The machine is fitted with high-quality LED lights which help in ridding at night.

Available Here!

7. iYOGO ® Smart Self Balancing Scooter (420.99$)

10 Best Hoverboards with Bluetooth (3)

One of the best high-performance Bluetooth enabled scooter with a weight of 12kg. Powered by a Samsung 36V/4.4Ah lithium battery that enables it to go 30km on a single charge & climb inclinations of 15 degrees.

Available Here!

6. Grand Hover Self Balancing Hoverboard(336.95$)

10 Best Hoverboards with Bluetooth (4)

One of the most durable hoverboards around. The scooter can sustain weights of 275 pounds and yet maintain speeds of 16km/h on an inclination of 15 degrees.

Available Here!

5. Generic Hoverboard(348.99$)

10 Best Hoverboards with Bluetooth (1)

Generic is one of the best suppliers of personal transportation equipment. They have a whole range of electric unicycles and hoverboards like the one shown above. This model has one of best Bluetooth speakers regarding sound quality and with top speed 20km/h it is comparatively very fast.

Available Here!

4. MORTCH Two Wheels Self Balance Drifting Electric Scooter, 8-Inch(400$)

10 Best Hoverboards with Bluetooth (9)

This self-balancing scooter can maintain a top speed of 15km/h even on a 30-degree inclination. The item weighs 11kg and is fitted with Bluetooth speakers and remote control functionality.

Available Here!

3. Hoverboost Hoverboard(340.06$)

10 Best Hoverboards with Bluetooth (2)

Hoverboots has a high variety of hoverboards in terms of features and colors. This Bluetooth enabled hoverboard had inbuilt speakers and low battery protection. The manufacturer claims that it can sustain weights of almost 150kg.

Available Here!

2. Elecforu Hoverboard(398$)

10 Best Hoverboards with Bluetooth (5)

Elecforu is one of the best hoverboards in the market regarding durability and build quality. The product weighs just over 10kg and can carry individuals close to 100kg with ease over a 15 degree incline at 10km/h.

Available Here!

1. Skque Hoverboard(600$)

10 Best Hoverboards with Bluetooth (6)

Skyque is one of the exquisite hoverboards out there. You have multiple designs to choose from and with powerful motors you ride at almost 15km/h. Unlike most hoverboard LED night lights are very bright and with 7-inch wheels you can ride with ease anywhere you want.

Available Here!




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