10 Fastest Hoverboards on Amazon

10 Fastest Hoverboards (6)

We have covered many lists of Hoverboards Such as the best Hoverboards in 2015 and high-performance hoverboards. This time our criteria is only speed, so all you thrill seekers can enjoy!

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10. HVRX Intelligent Personal Mobility Device(701$)

10 Fastest Hoverboards (14)

This hoverboard can travel at a max speed of 9km/h. Though it may not break any speed records for its small size, it is the fastest one available.

Available Here

9. HoveTech Hoverboard (399$)

10 Fastest Hoverboards (9)

One of the cheaper hoverboards in the market. The board has the maximum speed of 11km/h and can sustain weights of over 100 pounds even on inclinations as high as 15 degrees

Available Here

8. Razor Hovertrax (599.99$)

10 Fastest Hoverboards (6)

Razor has some of the best overall hoverboards in their stock whereas this model is the quickest. It can reach top speeds of over 10km/h with a range of 15-20km depending on the riders weight. The items weighs just a fraction over 10kg.

Available Here

7. Eocor Electric 2 Wheel Self-balancing Scooter(734.95$)

10 Fastest Hoverboards (16)

This hoverboard is one of the best regarding range and builds quality. The scooter has a maximum speed of 16km/h and can travel as far as 22km on full charge.

Available Here

6. Powerboard Hoverboard(699.99$)

10 Fastest Hoverboards (1)

This Hoverboard comes with a one year warranty and has 6.5″ wheels. In terms of speed, it can go as high as 14km/h and gives a range of 15-20km per charge.

Available Here

5.   Sharper Image Hoverboard(399$)

10 Fastest Hoverboards (8)

The ideal hoverboard to ride at night thanks to its super bright LED headlights. Equipped with 36V, 4.4A Samsung lithium long-lasting battery that delivers 700 watts of power, it has a top speed of 15-20km/h depending on user’s weight

Available Here

4. Swagway X1(499.99$)

10 Fastest Hoverboards (7)

Regardless of weight, this hoverboard can reach 16km/h even on 15-degree inclinations. Perhaps the most impressive element of the hoverboard is its 26km range that is more than most.

Available Here

3. Leray Hoverboards(499.99$)

10 Fastest Hoverboards (5)

Leray is one of the most popular boards online.No contain speeds of this scooter can go as high as 22km/hr but during normal use, you will find that it can not go higher than 14km/hr.

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2. HoverTrax(999$)

10 Fastest Hoverboards (15)

Light weight and quick, this hoverboard is perhaps an ultimate speed machine. Equipped with relative small wheels of 5.5 inches, it may not be suitable on uneven off-road conditions, but it can reach speeds of almost 20km/h that is enough for any thrill-seeking junkie.

Available Here!

1. 16.5 Inch Self balancing scooter by JOEL(1494$)

10 Fastest Hoverboards (13)

This hoverboard can travel at 25km/h thanks to its large battery. The large battery is installed thanks to its large frame that had to support 16.5 wheels. This jumbo hoverboard is certainly made for individuals looking to move speedily around over large distances.

Available Here


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