10 Best Cases for Samsung Galaxy On7

10 Best Cases for Galaxy on7 (7)

Galaxy On7 was released in November 2015  and features a 1.5GB RAM with a 13MP Camera. Medium tier phone is targeted for the developing world and since it’s release, it has performed well in these countries.

10. Samsung Galaxy On7 case, KuGi (7.50$)

10 Best Cases for Galaxy on7 (2)

A thin plastic frosted case. It provides enough protection against dust and dirt but not much more.

Available Here!

9. Amzer  Soft Gel TPU Skin Fit for Samsung Galaxy On7(7.95$)

10 Best Cases for Galaxy on7 (3)

Made from TPU gel, this case gives more of a protection against shocks and helps maintain that brand new shine on your phone.

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8. Samsung Galaxy O7 Transparent Case(8.65$)

10 Best Cases for Galaxy on7 (4)

This case is made from the same material as no.9 only difference being that it is clear. The case is ideal for folks who do not want to spoil the original aesthetics of their phone.

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7. iTALKonline Samsung Galaxy On7(7.18$)

10 Best Cases for Galaxy on7 (8)

A wallet case with a magnetic closure. Wallet cases like this one help you carry more stuff along with your phone for, e.g., Credit cards, money, & licences.

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6. IWIO Samsung Galaxy On7 2015 GREY PU Leather Protective Pouch(6.32$)

10 Best Cases for Galaxy on7 (6)

A vertically opening flip case. Made from synthetic leather, this case has excellent protective features and as a bonus it even has a belt clip at the back. The manufacturer offers this case in multiple colors

Available here.

5. Samsung Galaxy On7 Case Nillkin(9.80$)

10 Best Cases for Galaxy on7 (1)

Made from polycarbonate plastic, the case can withstand dust, dirt and even some minor impacts. Since it is specifically designed for On-7, it fits perfectly while giving access to all the buttons and ports.

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4. EnvyDeal Case(12.99$)

10 Best Cases for Galaxy on7 (10)

This case may be too feminine in nature but make no mistakes about its protective features. Made from durable synthetic leather, this case features wonderful art on the back that boosts its aesthetics.

Available here.

3. Coral Turquoise Crossbody Case for Samsung Galaxy On7(12.99$)

10 Best Cases for Galaxy on7 (9)

Made by the same manufacturer as the last one, this case is almost identical but offers more pocket space & a vibrant color combination.

Available Here!

2. HICASER Luxury Metal Aluminum Bumper for Samsung Galaxy On7 with plastic bag(8.99$)

10 Best Cases for Galaxy on7 (5)

Aluminium bumper protects the phone from the most severe of impacts where as the shiny plastic back shields the phone from dirt while the glossy finish adds to the phone’s aesthetics.

Available Here!

1. Galaxy On7 Case, Nagebee – High Impact Resistant Black Dual Layer Armor(2.01$)

10 Best Cases for Galaxy on7 (7)

Dual layered cases are by far the most rugged. This case is made from polycarbonate plastic with a silicone rubber sleeve. If the protective features were not enough for you, they have installed a kickstand so that you can watch your videos in peace.

Available Here!


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