10 Best Selfie Sticks Which You Can Use With Any Smart Phone

10 Best Selfie Sticks (7)

Obsessed with taking selfies with your group? Well, if you haven’t already then we recommend that you better buy a selfie stick. We covered some of the best available on the market today

10. Caseflex Ultra Compact Bluetooth Selfie Stick(14.99$)

10 Best Selfie Sticks (6)

This stick uses Bluetooth to connect to your phone and is extendable up to 80cm. The stick weighs only 120g and is a  good accessory to have.

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9. Abco Tech Selfie Stick(11.99$)

10 Best Selfie Sticks (7)

The built in remote Bluetooth shutter is easy to use, and the item itself weighs less than 90 grams making it very portable. Having said that it only extends 60 cm

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8. Zivanchi Selfie Stick(24.95$)

10 Best Selfie Sticks (8)

A wired selfie stick that connects to your phone’s audio jack.  Wired sticks have their pros and cons; while they offer connectivity & speed, they can have durability issues, so be careful when buying.

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7. UFCIT RI-C056(4.52$)

10 Best Selfie Sticks (10)

Though this stick has excellent build quality and is fitted a Bluetooth module at an affordable cost, we were not convinced with the camera shutter remote control. For starters, its small size means that it can easily be misplaced, and second it’s another item to carry around along with your phone & the stick.

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6. Anker Selfie Stick(9.95$)

10 Best Selfie Sticks (2)

Anker is one of the best suppliers of smartphone accessories. This Bluetooth enabled device comes with a wrist strap as well making selfies fun.

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5. Karnotech® Selfie Stick(13.99$)

10 Best Selfie Sticks (9)

3.3-ounce selfie stick comes with a 3-month warranty. Safe to use ergonomics and a non-slip handle makes it easy to use. The stick works using a wired connection and extends 27.5 inches.

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4.  Selfie Stick, Flexion™(13.99$)

10 Best Selfie Sticks (1)

The selfie stick can extend as much as 3.5 feet. It uses a Bluetooth connection, and the charging cable comes in the package.

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3. Kiwii Selfie Stick(7.97$)

10 Best Selfie Sticks (4)

An Amazon.com Bestseller can not have much wrong with it. This stick uses an AUX cable and can be used on the go. It possess’s a 270 degree adjustable head for a perfect picture.

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2. Mpow iSnap X (15.99$)

10 Best Selfie Sticks (3)

When closed this stick reduces to less than 7 inches making it ultra portable and while fully extended it fall just short of 3 feet. It has a built-in Bluetooth remote control and a decent battery life.

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1. Perfect Day Selfie Stick(10.99$)

10 Best Selfie Sticks (5)

The most popular selfie stick, as it has nearly 3000 positive reviews on amazon.com. Light weight with a built in Bluetooth remote control. It is charged using a USB cable so you can use your phone to give it a bit of juice too.

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