The UAE Is Building An Underwater Bullet Train To Mumbai

The bustling Indian city of Mumbai and the UAE port city of Fujairah will be connected by an underwater bullet train, according to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), which is once again focusing on a ground-breaking project. The UAE’s National Advisor Bureau Limited is leading this ambitious initiative, which is gathering steam as the viability of such a project is being seriously explored.

Famous for its audacious projects like the world’s tallest skyscraper and the stunning Palm Islands, the UAE is now looking to extend its engineering prowess beneath the Arabian Sea. The initial plan surfaced in 2018, but it is now actively being pursued, showcasing Dubai’s determination to lead in impressive constructions once again, with Saudi Arabia also eyeing ambitious projects. The current flight time from Mumbai to Dubai is just over three hours, including pre-flight formalities. However, the proposed underwater railway would reduce travel time by at least an hour and have a top speed of 600 miles per hour (1,000 km/h).

This innovative project is anticipated to significantly improve bilateral trade between the UAE and India while also providing a new mode of transportation. Fujairah, a significant port city, will simultaneously export oil to India and transmit fresh water from the Narmada River to the UAE.

However, constructing a tunnel underwater presents substantial challenges. The technical feasibility and the logistics of constructing such a colossal infrastructure project in deep waters are the primary concerns. The potential tunnel may even feature see-through windows to offer passengers breathtaking views of the sea and its marine life.

A thorough feasibility analysis will explain the trains’ specifications and building techniques, but one thing is for sure: this project will require a substantial investment, possibly amounting to several billion dollars. Even so, the UAE is no stranger to conquering technological challenges, as shown by the fact that the Channel Tunnel connecting England and France was built successfully. However, Dubai’s ambitions go far beyond that, with plans to build a project that is 50 times larger and a train that travels at ten times the speed—a sign of the country’s resolve to take the lead in a cutthroat environment, particularly as Saudi Arabia makes its own advancements in cutting-edge urban development.

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