iPhone Users Say A Glitch Is Making Them Late For Work

Numerous iPhone users have been grappling with a rather perplexing problem – their phones seem to be shutting down overnight, causing their morning alarms to malfunction. This issue has stirred up conversations on Reddit, as people are trying to figure out what’s going on, but, unfortunately, no concrete solutions have surfaced thus far.

The most noticeable sign of this issue is when users wake up to find the PIN code screen rather than the expected face recognition feature, indicating that their phone is powered off and then back on. The puzzling part is that users insist they didn’t deliberately restart their devices, leaving them bewildered about the root cause.

In addition to these inexplicable shutdowns, some users have reported seeing irregularities in the battery health display, suggesting that their phones were unexpectedly offline for an extended period. These disruptions have resulted in some folks being late for work or other important appointments due to their alarms failing to go off as planned.

The problem first gained attention when a Reddit user named 9to5Mac shared their experience of Face ID not working without having to input the passcode first. This issue isn’t isolated; other iPhone owners have chimed in, sharing similar stories of their alarms failing to function properly in the morning.

The user said: “This morning I happened to wake up at like 5 AM on my own, late for work, and noticed the alarm screen was up with the snooze option on it, but my phone didn’t wake me up.

“I assumed that maybe I slept through my alarm, which is still odd because it’s never happened.

“I went to work (from home), and my son normally gets up at 7:30 AM for work, and at about 7:50 I noticed I hadn’t seen him milling around the house, so I knocked on his door, and there he was sleeping, and he said ‘I didn’t even hear my alarm’.

“I told him what happened to me and he held up his phone and it had the alarm screen on it like mine did.”

One person wrote a comment that said: “Came directly to this sub to see if it was just me. My alarms also did not go off this morning.”

A third person wrote: “Dude neither did mine, WTF?”

To determine if your iPhone experienced an unanticipated shutdown during the night, users have been advised to delve into their phone settings and examine the Battery section. If there are gaps in the battery health graph, it’s a likely indication that the phone powered off on its own.

On Reddit, someone said: “Check your battery section. Does it show the phone turned off for a few hours? My alarm went off this morning, but it required my code to unlock and shows it turned off around 1 a.m. A bunch of people ran into this yesterday.”

Importantly, this quirk doesn’t seem to be tied to a specific iPhone model; it has been reported across various devices. Some speculate that the issue might be linked to the iOS 17 software rather than a specific iPhone model.

In response to these user reports, media outlets have reached out to Apple for an official statement. Yet, as of now, the mystery of iPhones switching off overnight remains unsolved, leaving many users in a state of frustration and perplexity as they continue their quest for answers.

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